Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Paradise Valley Stake Center 3601 East Shea Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85028 Everyone is invited to attend

Monday, April 2, 2012


Fam Fam
Great week, haha i feel like i start off all my letters the same way.
But ya Monday for pday we made spaghetti in the pension!!!! Woohoo. We took pics with my comps camera but he didn’t bring it to internet so I will have to send them next week. Tuesday we started a 2 day division with the district leaders in Huancavelica. It was awesome, we had some really cool lessons with the Elder that was with me. I also talked to the assistants and they said I am probably gonna train this next transfer!!!!!! So pumped, not gonna lie, but that’s what I have been praying for. But I also know that it is not my choice and I will do what the Lord calls me to. But I know that it would be amazing to have an opportunity to train before I go home.
So on Thursday I went back to Pampas because President took both the missionaries out on Tuesday and they had a girl that could get baptized Friday. Soooo me and one of the district leaders went to go baptize her. We totally felt like secret missionary agents showing up to a town to baptize someone. But…..when we got there the mom wanted nothing to do with us. We were kinda upset I guess you could say but we kept our calm and talked with her. The lesson ended up being super spiritual and she ended up accepting the baptism of her daughter. So I am not gonna lie, my comp and I seriously felt so awesome afterwards. We taught soooo well together and due to our preparation this girl was baptized. We had the baptism the next day in the house chapel? (in Spanish its casa capilla, sounds so much better) the baptism was in one of the adult size kiddie pools (haha it was kinda funny) but everything turned out sooo cool. I would have pics but….i had no room in my memory card. I have to burn a pic cd today so I can transfer all my pics and have space for consejo.
Well we came back Saturday morning for conference and that pretty much occupied the rest of the weekend. I loved sooo many talks, I didn’t bring my notes with me right now so I cant remember any of the quotes I wrote but I did like a lot the talk from Christofferson, on the doctrine of Christ. Pretty sure all missionaries liked it. Also, loved Holland's and Uchtdorfs. Also Bednars from priesthood sesh. On how we receive the authority of the priesthood first and after we receive the power based on our righteousness. It was an awesome talk. So amazing. BUT the part of conference that impacted me the most was when MOTAB sang "Come Thou Fount", idk why but it hit me hard with the spirit as they sang.
Just to let you guys know, this church is TRUE. Everything about this church is a testimony the truthfullness of it. From the millions of people watching conference, the dedication of the members, all the missionaries there are serving, the Prophet and the Apostles and even the Tabernacle Choir. We have so many blessings in our life from this amazing Gospel. I know it is true. And it saddens me to know that not everyone feels the same way. Even members of the church, that’s why it is sooo important that we work towards receiving a testimony of this Gospel, The Book of Mormon, and Joseph smith. Every time I feel the testifying power of the spirit it is like I fasten another screw that holds my testimony of this church together. We need to try our hardest to keep having spiritual experiences everyday of our lives so we can have an unbreakable testimony. That includes missionary experiences. I promise to all of you that if you don’t have a testimony of this church that it is not too late to receive it. Like we heard sooo many times in conference, our Heavenly Father is waiting for us and due to his sweet mercy we can always change, it is never too late.
Well time is unfortunately running out. Hopefully we have a baptism Saturday, it’s a young boy named Brayan that has more desire to learn about the gospel than anyone I have met. Oh and Selena is doing awesome, she is such a great convert. She took a huge step this Sunday closing her shop so she could go to church. I haven’t seen that from a convert very much in my time here.
Well I hope you all have a great week. Love you all!
Elder Paolacci

so here is the only pic of the week haha. a cool little graffiti monkey thing in our area. sorry that is all I got. I will have a bunch for next week from what I think will be my last consejo :( Bittersweet - I love being a zone leader. But I really am hoping to be able to train before I go home.

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