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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well Hello There Family

Well hello there family!!!!
Crazy week, haha as always. Seems like I did a lot this week tho. Monday was pday woot woot, my first real pday in like 3 weeks. We went to this really cool place called Ingenio. Its really popular for its trout farms, but we also went to this really cool place that I am pretty sure was like a Nephite baptismal font. As you can see in the pics it’s a pretty neat place. I totally wasn’t expecting a pday that cool but I was definitely down with the surprise. It was Elder Novoas last pday so our pension and her husband took us up there. Haha they also took their baby and their dog. It was way fun. One of the best pdays I have had in a while. 
Lets see….this week we also ate tacos with one of the districts! First time in almost 19 months! We have a mexicano in the zone and he showed us how the experts do it. They were soooo good! 

Also this week happened to be your BIRTHDAY!! And guess what, it also happens to be the birthday of my pensions husband and hna elizabeths from vitarte! Pretty cool huh. That message you got on facebook was from my pensh hna patty. Shes awesome. For the birthday day she made pizza!!! I am always willing to eat pizza haha. 
The only sad news of the week happened on Friday. We were gonna help a sister get married and baptized on Saturday so we went with her to get all the papers ready. We went all around town and almost everything was set, until we went to take out her health certification. They said they couldn’t do it till Monday L. Pretty lame. But everything is set so she can do it Saturday. The stake is gonna pay for her wedding and she is super excited. She was kinda sad because she wanted Elder Novoa to be there, but we did all we could. This Saturday we are gonna have 4 baptisms! The sister thats gonna get married (julissa), and three cousins, they are the funniest kids ever. Their names are Junior, Gian Carlos, and Antony. They are all young men, so in a couple weeks they should be passing the sacrament. Im way excited! Last night we had an awesome lesson with them, we read 2 Nephi 31 and they loved it. They are sooo excited. Also yesterday we taught the girl that I said reminds me of Karleigh. Her name is Mayra and she accepted baptismal date for march 10th! Shes awesome. We are also teaching and awesome girl named Jessica. She like 28 and shes been having a rough time believing in god. She explained how she felt that its hard to believe in God when life is so hard and so many people have so many different explanations. But she is progressing a lot. After a prayer she did the other day she said that we are helping a lot. And I am not gonna lie, that felt really good. But we also asked her if she was gonna go to church and she straight up said no -  haha. Little by little I guess. It is amazing being able to see the change in these peoples lives. Some come easy and some come hard. All of them bring me such a depth of gratitude, but its different seeing the people change that start like her.

 As you know Elder Novoa goes home tomorrow. He left for Lima yesterday and I will be jumping from area to area until Wednesday. I have zero idea who is gonna be my comp. It could definitely be Elder Van Wagoner tho, the elder that was in the hospital. Could also be Elder Capps! Who knows, I am just ready to have a comp again so I can get working in my area. As you guys said, these months are turning into the best months of my mission and I don't want to miss an moment that I can be working. I feel like I am helping sooo many people and I know that its not only due to experience but also obedience. I am loving it out here. I love all of you so much. Read the Book of Mormon.                   The promises are real.
Elder Paolacci

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