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Monday, February 6, 2012

Well Hello There Again . . .

Wellllllll hello again….

I just wrote like a 2 page letter and the kid next to me accidentally turned off my computer and it all erased. Gotta love the mission sometimes. Well I will try to wrap it up as fast as I can. I am really sorry. 

Let's see. Monday we played soccer with president and the 2 zones here in Huancayo. it was so awesome !!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday my comp and I spent a lot of time setting up a new drinking water routine for the missionaries here. We found a company that is gonna drop off those big water bottles like we have at home once a month to each area. It is pretty cool and the zone is happy which means "I am HAPPY".
Thursday I left to that town that is like 8 hours away to do a baptismal interview. The town is called Lircay. Its pretty cool, the farthest I have been from home - haha. The trip was awesome, half of it is on train. Full on Harry Potter Hogwarts style. It was super fun/awkward cause I was in a booth with 3 random people. I contacted them but they just looked at me like I was the weirdest thing on earth. Haha gotta love being a missionary. I tried taking some pics, I missed a lot of cool opportunities because every time I wanted to take a pic I had to unfog my window and by the time I finished like 10 minutes had passed. It was a fun experience. I have never been on a train so this was a first.

Got back to my area Saturday night. Sunday was awesome, a bunch of new people came to church and 2 already accepted baptism woot woot. It is so funny sometimes cause we can knock all the doors we want but the majority of baptisms happen when members bring their friends to church. 

Last night we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and the bishop. Its kinda sad because our bishop doesn’t wanna be bishop. He said "if I was young mens president or ward mission leader my life would be great". That was really hard for me to hear, I mean of course there are times when I think "ahhh if I was home things would be so much easier" but then I realize what I have been called to do and those feelings go away. And to hear that from a bishop really was saddening. The work is amazing here in Huancayo but you can only do so much without a good bishop. I really appreciate the bishops I have had in my life (Campbell, Waldrom, Davis, Dahl) all of those men are examples in my life and they have helped me grow so much. And the thing is, that I never once heard any of them complain about their calling. I know it’s a very hard calling, I don’t doubt it for a second, but a bishop has the opportunity to bless so many lives and it is so sad to hear words like that come out of a bishops mouth. So it is my goal while I am here in Huancayo to help him as much as possible, because he really is a great man and I know for a fact that the Lord called him for a reason. So we are going to show him all the support we can and possibly we can help to ease his load. Ahhh so ya got that off my chest. Sorry.

OH awesome news, yesterday a family from La Oroya came to my ward and I asked them about the Rodriguez Suarez family. You will not believe it, the dad Ricardo now has a calling in the district (its not a stake yet) and the mom is a counselor in the relief society! So awesome! And they only have been members for like 6 months! That seriously made my day. I know he is gonna end up being a great leader in the church and it is awesome thinking that I had the privilage to baptize them and be a tool in the Lords hands. I have to write them this week, I am so proud of them.

Well that’s all folks, have a great week.
I will be praying for Trevors little bro. that’s super scary.
I cant believe seth and taylor are engaged haha that’s awesome!
Have a great week, love you all! The gospel is true and such a blessing to our lives.
Elder Paolacci
p.s. im in 2 nephi in the Book of Mormon in Portuguese, hopefully you guys are ahead of me!

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