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Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9th

well this week was good, kinda rough tho. But tuesday was consejo (zone leader counsel) with president. that was awesome. he taught us about how he knows for a fact that the church is true and taught us about the dispensations and the restoration of the priesthood keys.it was amazing. i know this church is true and that the restoration took place and all but i feel like this helped me know more about what i was teaching. at the end of the consejo i was talking with president about it and told him that it helped me turn the foundation my testimony of the restoration from sandy to firm on the rock. (he liked like that analogy alot)
we were talking about how alot of missionaries need that, that alot of us teach the restoration, which we know to be true, with a testimony built upon the sand. its not necessarily bad to have a testimony built upon the sand cause the truth is that many don't even have that testimony, but we also need to try and form a strong foundation for when the hard times come so we don't get swept away. It is so important to have a rock solid testimony. And I truly feel that is what I have developed here on my mission. I know that the gospel that I am teaching is true. I have never been more sure of my testimony in my life. I have seen how the gospel changes lives for the better. I am so grateful that I was raised with it in our home. Just always remember, when things get tough, and they always do, we have a Savior who is there for us. He will carry us through if we just have faith in him.
As for teaching this week. Well Katy (milagros sister) is having a hard time, she has accepted baptism for next tuesday but she wasn't at church yesterday and she might not go this week either because she has a trip she is going on with her school. it is hard, we are putting so much into helping her but she keeps having her ups and downs. This has been hard for me especially because I might leave this change (i hope not - but one never knows where the Lord needs you to serve) and its probable that she may not get baptized before this change. If I can ask just keep praying for her.
hmmm - so about the package I am not sure that I need anything, but if you are going to send the battery charger maybe you can send me? A FOOTBALL haha i still would love a football down here. just buy one and deflate it. if you can.
what else... oh ya so if you could send me a tad bit more money, my tennis shoes finally met their maker, and i gotta buy some new ones this week.I would be eternally grateful.
So it sounds like we got off to a great week of reading. im super proud of you guys and how well you are doing with the book of Mormon, ive decided to read the bom in Portuguese at nights before I go to bed. its hard sometimes cause i don't have much time but im currently in chapter 9 of 1 Nephi.
hey so this week i was talking to rider at the consejo and we decided we were gonna try and do this 3 weeks early thing so we can get in school. i really feel like its something i need to do. i know I need to be in school fall semester. i feel like coming home the week before school starts wouldnt give me the time i need to choose my classes and really decide what direction I want to go with my classes. and plus i dont wanna be worrying about that stuff out here, I just want to focus on the rest of my mission and deal with school when I get home. have a fabulous week, I am so excited for Shane. He will do awesome. Seems like yesterday I was there. Man it goes fast.
write me letters please, i would love photos of everyone with the gifts i sent for Christmas if you want to send them.
Love you all so much , Elder Paolacci

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