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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Huancayo

Wellllll crazy week!
First things first had one of the coolest experiences of my mission Tuesday. Katys baptism was amazing, seriously I will never forget it.
It was so spiritual and she was sooooo excited. I was able to baptize her and right after she came out of the water she started crying, and I have to admit I teared up too. The spirit was amazing. It has quite a struggle these last couple months to get her baptized, but once she decided, she was so sure. I am sooooo happy to have been able to have helped this family. They have undergone such a change and is it so awesome to see that they are receiving so many blessings. It is truly a testimony to me that when you follow the teachings of the gospel your life will truly be blessed.
welllll right after the baptism me and elder quinñonez ran to a place with Internet to print the transfers and sure enough....Huancayo. We ran back to the chapel so I could say my official goodbye to Milagros and Katy. It was sooo hard, I have come to love these girls like sisters. It is crazy, seriously how much I have come to love some of these people. It scares me to think about the day that I will have to leave them all, I don't want it to happen, I am not sure that I will ever be ready. So for now I will just continue to work as hard as I can and some how the Lord will help me when the time comes. When the final goodbye came Milagros was crying and told me how grateful she is for this gospel in her life. Katy didn't believe me at first when I told her I was really leaving Vitarte, it was seriously hard for me. but I was thinking about it, and I am just grateful I was able to baptize her, and I didn't have to go through what happened with Carla (blancas daughter). but ya mom those girls are seriously special. Milagros has been my strongest convert and I am sure Katy will be just as strong. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep in contact with them!

Then after the baptism that night I went and said bye to hna Elizabeth (my pension). goodness was that hard. shes sooo awesome. She has shown so much love for me and she taught me sooo much. she cried, alot. And that is so hard. But I assured her that there will be even better missionaries passing through and that she has to love them even more.

Well, after all those goodbyes were over the packing adventure started, haha it took me till 3:30 in the morning and I had to leave on my bus at 630.
got up at 5 to go to the bus station and at 6:30 the adventure began. I fell asleep right away and didn't wake up for another 10 hours or so haha (free rest day). I thought we were almost there but much to my surprise we were just outside of La Oroya, so I stayed awake as we passed through, it was really cool to see that place again. The bad news is that La Oroya is like 6 hours from Huancayo so we didn't get to huancayo until 9! longest day ever! when I got there it was raining super hard and I met up with my new comp Elder Novoa. You will never guess where he is from......Colombia, haha I swear I must attract them. But anyways he is awesome, he finishes this change so he wants to work like 5 times harder than before, cool with me. I am ready. But the truth be known, the first couple days I did not want to be here. I missed Vitarte sooo much, but little by little I am coming to love Huancayo. We live in a small room in the back of what LOOKS like a mansion. haha it is pretty cool. I will send pics when I have a functioning camera. Oh but the bad thing is that there are fleas, like really bad and it is super lame, they are killing me. Eating me alive. But ya my pension is AWEEEEESSSOMMME!!! haha she is sooo cool. she got married like a year ago and has a little 9 year old boy and a little shnowzer puppy (however you spell it). shes soo funny, she is super sarcastic (which I totally love and can totally handle) she loves joking around, so I am sure we will have some interesting stories these coming months.So I really am loving it here. The ward is great. The bishop is the brother of the sister that did my laundry in Vitarte so I had already met him like 10 times. haha my comp says that I know the bishop more than him because he is in Vitarte more than Huancayo. kinda true haha.
Let's see let me answer the rest of the questions
my area/ward is called LA LIBERTAD (liberty), so I feel like it is a goof fit for a gringo, I am actually wearing an American flag tie I bought last week haha.

Tell veronica to come visit on Sunday if she can, I wanna give her some stuff to take.

OH tell Milagros I am gonna go to Pucará, it is the town her mom is from, it is in my zone.

Please tell grandpa that he needs to get better, we have got alot of talking to do when i get back. I have so many cool stories to tell him.

oh ya and elder rider stayed in his area, haha poor kid hes been there forever, but who knows maybe he could be my comp next change!
well maybe next week you can tell me who is actually in the superbowl - haha the jets and patriots are in the same division.
well that is my letter for this week. today we are going to have like a cookout or something like 40 minutes out of town. I think we might eat trout so I am gonna have to man up today. I will take pics with my comps camera.

I love you guys sooo much Elder Paolacci

p.s. in your next package try to send some jerky for my pensions husband haha he wants some sooo bad, and maybe you can send her some oven mitts or rags too
p.s.s how is the Book of Mormon reading going ? You need to let me know where you are next week. We will see who is farther along.

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