Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Paradise Valley Stake Center 3601 East Shea Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85028 Everyone is invited to attend

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today we are going with some members to some cool place called kotosh. I really have no idea what it is but it sounds fun.

First to answer your questions mom -

Did you get the packages with the candy and ties I sent last month - yes - thanks so much - I am good on ties to give away for a while now - I will give you a heads up when I am running low.

Are you teaching English in Huanuco like you did in Manchay ? No - as of right now we don't have enough time to teach English classes

Are you beginning to understand Elder Barboza's Spanish any better ? haha ya I'm getter better at understanding elder barboza. He's still goofy tho. But we are good.

Are you teaching any new investigators ? um we are teaching quite a few people. It is awesome. The one couple that is gonna get married on the 19th is Leslie and Ever. They are awesome and way excited for the 19th. Marriage and baptism on the same day. Life doesn’t get much better.

How do you travel around your area ? Traveling around our area is all walking. well the whole mission is walking. we get money to pay for mototaxis and buses but we don't get a whole lot. but this area is pretty small. It's like the size of Cactus to Shea and 36th to 40th st. Pretty small. but there is ALOT of work to do haha.

Do you get to go to any ward activities ? We cant really go to ward activities, the only one is mission night, and that's only because people bring investigators to it. but ya there is not a whole lot of time for activities anyways and we do family home evenings with our investigators. So that is way cool.

so ya i think that answers all the questions right? haha.

well this week was good. we had 2 baptisms Saturday. it was awesome. Thursday and Friday we had splits with the zone leaders for 2 days because I'm recently senior companion and they had to see if i was qualified to be one I guess. haha it was cool, learned alot.

um the weather here continues to be freakishly weird. Changes day to day. In fact sometimes hour by hour.

heres my letter to president
Hola Presidente! Ha sido una buena semana de trabajo. Estamos empezando a tener bautismos y muchas personas están teniendo deseos para ser bautizados. Ibamos a tener 3 bautismos este semana pero no tuvimos permiso de uno de los tres. Pero el bautismo de los otros dos fue lo máximo. Yo se que un dia van a servir misiones, y ser fuertes miembros de la iglesia. Estamos trabajando bien duro aquí in Pedro Puelles. Tenemos muchos que se pueden bautizar pronto. Tambien tenemos algunas parejas que se quieren casar. Es lo máximo cuando tiene muchas personas con muchas deseos. Los divisiones con Elder Hill fueron bien.
Aprendi mucho de el y se las cosas que necesito mejorar ahora.
Entonces ya todo esta bien en Pedro Puelles y le prometemos que vamos a seguir trabajando duro.

(google translation)
Hello President! It's been a good week of work. We are beginning to have baptisms and many people are having desires to be baptized. We were going to have 3 baptisms this week but we had permission from one of the three. But the baptism of the other two was the maximum. I know one day will serve missions and be strong members of the church. We are working very hard here in Pedro Puelles. We have a lot to be baptized soon. We also have some couples who want to marry. Is the maximum when you have many people with many desires. Elder Hill's divisions were good.
I learned a lot from him and the things I need to improve now. So now all is well in Pedro Puelles and we promise we'll keep working hard.

so ya Spanish is doing great. its rare when i find myself not knowing how to say something or communicate with someone. its weird thinking sometimes that i can speak 2 languages. loco! It is so awesome. Such a blessing in my life not only for my mission but my future.

Tell coleton he is a dork with his glasses - (jk he looks cool), basketball news is crazy! Thanks lil brothers.

well gotta go! love you all! Keep being awesome. Study the scriptures. Take lot's of pictures to send to me - the people here are almost hungry to see pictures of my life at home - they love it so the more pictures the better. write letters please!
Elder Paolacci
p.s. sent the cds last tuesday! cost me like 15 bucks haha

p.s.s - okay mom you want to know stuff to send in the next package - can you send me the book of mormon student manual 121-122, some neosporin and pepto bismol and in the foto album pics of the chapel, alpine, uncle sams, the priest quorum and ya whatever else you want. Oh and how about twizzler bites, those fruit twist from qt, PICTURES of everything, and the packers stuff if you havent yet !!!

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