Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Family

Well I guess I'll start off answering your some of your questions.
First off, the weather here is insanely weird, it can rain for 4 days straight and the next 3 days can be like 100 degrees. But I think I'm alright so far as far as clothing goes. If I ever get transferred to cerro that might be a different story. Then I am going to need warm clothes

Living conditions (hahaha).... well for the first week, because we are opening a new area, we had nothing in our room, just our suitcases and two sleeping pads on a cement floor. Nice !!!  haha it was interesting, but now we are fine because our beds, desks, and closet got here Friday! we live in a second story of a building. but the only people that live there are us and a member that owns it. its alright. we have a shower but the water is insanely cold, I am not sure you could even imagine what life is like taking a freezing cold shower everyday. It is like ice. We have a toilet that is close to impossible to clog so that's nice haha.
so ya the room is alright. We make do.

Our pension is great. Her food is amazing. haha we actually have like 2 pensionistas because her sister lives there too and helps her out. but ya even tho hermana blancas (the pensionista from manchay) food was terrible - i still miss her like crazy. It will be a happy day when I can go see them again. I love that family. but i do love our new pension. she has two little daughters that are just relentless but way cute.

My area is one ward, pedro puelles. They are the process calling a brand new bishop and some new leadership so that makes it kinda rough. And since we are brand new to the area we are just trying out best to support them as they all get settled into their new callings. but it reminds me a lot of a ward from the states. 90 percent of the guys are return missionaries so they help us alot. and the ward is really active and everyone has really strong testimonies, its really cool. not sure if i told you but its the oldest ward in huanuco.

So ya when I got to Huanuco the split it into 2 zones. It was kinda a bummer because there are a ton of elders that i wanted to be in my zone  but they got put in the other zone. But ya Hermana Matheison is in my zone. She's cool. She's from Canada.

So ya we should have 3 baptisms Saturday. We were gonna have two yesterday but they got postponed.  We have had alot of cool experiences. Sometimes it is so hard to express in words how awesome these experiences have been. Definitely ones that have increased my faith. Just a real  quick story -   we are teaching a couple that lives together but aren't married (gotta be married to get baptized - just a minor detail) and they live in the part of our area where you have to hike up a mountain to get to them - so for every appointment with them it is an intense hike. They want to be baptized and have felt the spirit at times when we have been teaching them but they haven't really had the motivation to do the things they needed to do to be baptized.  But one day this week while it was raining really hard they thought we weren't gonna come. But when they saw us at their "door", soaking wet, they realized that we are actually there because we want to help them and we were committed to helping them have a better life and enjoy the blessings of the gospel. They realized that we REALLY do care about them and we are willing to make these little sacrifices so they can have a lifetime of happiness. Long story short - now they are getting married and baptized the 19th of this month. pretty cool.

Here is my letter to president
Hola Presidente! Ya pues este fue una buena semana. Hemos puesto 4 con fecha pero uno lo perdió porque no pudo ir a la iglesia. Ibamos a tener 2 bautismos domingo pero su mama les llamo de lima y dijo que quiere venir sábado para verlo. Entonces debemos tener 3 este sábado y tenemos muchos que se pueden bautizar este mes. Estamos enseñando a algunas parejas que están convivientes y una pareja se va a casar y bautizar el 19 de este mes. Estoy bien animado para empezar este mes porque sé que vamos a tener éxito. Muchas gracias por la charla que nos dio sábado, usted ayudo mucho a nuestros investigadores. Estoy aprendiendo todavia como ser mayor, pero ha sido una experiencia tremendo.
Elder Paolacci

(GOOGLE TRANSLATION) Hello President! This was a very good week. We had 4 with a date for baptisms, but one postponed because he could not go to church.  So we have 3 this Saturday and we have many more that can be baptized this month. We are teaching some couples who are living together and a couple getting married and baptized on 19 this month. I'm rather encouraged to begin this month because I know it will be good and many people will be opening their hearts to the gospel. Thank you very much for the talk you gave us Saturday, you helped a lot of our investigators. I'm still learning, but this is such a tremendous experience.
Elder Paolacci

So I'm glad to hear everything is going well at home. and I'm way happy to hear that you guys want to come pick me up. That helps me so much. I can't even explain what a relief it is. I promise it will be worth any and all sacrifices you have to make if I can just share with you a fraction of the happiness I have felt here. I'm really excited. Make it happen pleeezzee.  I already miss Manchay sooooooo much. But knowing that I will get to go back and see those people that I love so much again helps me. ahhh it was way hard to leave, but Huanuco is great too and I am sure I am going to develop relationships here that are going to be just as hard to leave. I just don’t see how in 18 months I am going to be able to leave Peru. I love it.

um as far as tips for kelly about the mtc...bring lots of ugly ties, its fun, tell him to just wait and see. Tell him it is so important to be friends with your teachers. as far as the suitcases go, if i remember right there is room in the rooms if they don’t fit under the beds, but its better if you can fit them under the bed. AND DONT PACK TOO MUCH! you can buy stuff in south carolina if you need to. the worst night in the mtc was the night before i left checking the weight of my bags and having to leave stuff behind. He is lucky he can get stuff mailed to him pretty quick. So if he doesn’t think he will need it at the mtc or the first couple weeks in the field have him leave it at home and have aunt Karen send it to him. He doesn’t want to have overweight bags. Tell him good luck with the packing - this will be the fastest 3 weeks of their lives. It is gonna be awesome. He will be there over general conference Sunday which will be awesome also.

Well fam - Conference sounds as if it was amazing. I printed Uncle Steve's talk and I am excited to read it. I hope you are doing all your supposed to - can't emphasize enough to the boys and karleigh how much they need to study and read the scriptures. There are so many answers to be found inside. I promise that you will see the blessings of heaven unfold as you put the world aside and put the gospel front and center. I have seen miracles here that I would never imagine. If people only would realize that so many of their problems would vanish if they live the gospel. This is an amazing work. I love ya all so much !!!

gotta go! love ya all!
Elder Paolacci

p.s. im sending a picture cd today.....i hope

Elder Paolacci

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