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His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, February 21, 2011


Got transferred :(
Didnt wanna leave manchay, but thats the mission for ya. I got transferred to Huanuco, in the area of Pedro Puelles. I am senior comp and im opening the area. its really hard. And its even harder due to the fact that i didnt wanna leave manchay. The daughter of the pension there in Manchay got baptized saturday and i couldnt be there. i was really sad because i seriously love that family like it were my own. It is all part if growing I guess. I am so happy for them. But the plus is that i heard shes super happy in the church and shes going to all the activities. also elder vizcarra told me that betsabe (a convert from like a month and a half ago) started to cry when she heard I got transferred because she missed me. so ya the seperation between me and manchay has been quite hard, im pretty sure its the best area in the world, and im definitely looking forward to going back someday......hopefully in 18 months. So ya while we are on that topic, i really really really want you guys to come pick me up when i finish so we can visit my areas. Goals are good - set that goal and see if you can make it happen. pleeezeee

So ya about pedro puelles, its a great ward. it seems like a ward from the states. all the members are really strong and they and they are way excited to help us get the work going in their area. its a really small area.
like 100th the size of manchay, but half of it is a huge hill that is like hiking when we go to appointments. the bishop is new and also the ward mission leader so everyone is excited to help us. but ya huanuco is pretty dang beautiful, its the polar opposite of manchay. But in the six short months I have been here I have learned that it doesnt really matter to me if its pretty or not, just as long as i have investigators that i love teaching its all good. The work is amazing. And believe it or not we  already had a baptism saturday, and we possibly could have two more this saturday. we have alot of investigators that live together here but arent married and that makes things just a little hard, but apparently its easier to get married here than in lima. but ya its a great area and im excited to work, but i still would have loved  one more transfer in manchay.

so my new comp is elder barboza. and he looks exactly like leandro barbosa! haha its really funny and he has no idea who that is.
he has 6 months in the mission too. hes from colombia and his spanish is ridiculously hard to understand. some have told me its the hardest of all in the mission

elder norris got sent to my last zone, capps is in cerro de pasco, rider is in a lima zone training and opening an area, and sheridan is still in his same area.

so heres my letter to president
Hola Presidente! Mi primero cambio de area. Fue un poquito difĂ­cil porque yo amo tanto a Manchay, pero estoy bien animado para estar sirviendo en Pedro Puelles. Es un gran lugar, los miembros apoyan y estan animado sobre la obra. Siendo mayor y abriendo fue un sorpresa, a veces yo estaba pensando que no pudiese hacerlo, pero he estado orando mucho y he recibido bastante guia y ayuda. Gracias por este oportunidad para crecer y mejorar, y me comprometo hacer lo mejor que puedo Elder Paolacci

(according to google translate - I am sure it is a little off but we get the jist)

Hello President! My first change of area. It was a little difficult because I love both Manchay, but I'm rather encouraged to be serving in Pedro Puelles. It is a great place, members are supported and encouraged the work. As more and opening was a surprise, sometimes I was thinking that I could not do it, but I've been praying a lot and have received considerable guidance and assistance. Thank you for this opportunity to grow and improve, and I pledge to do the best I can Paolacci Elder

hey mom a small favor, ive been having to get money these last few months for the bus and stuff for me and my comp and i dont wanna get too low in money, can you deposit some more money on my debit card.

Also, mom just wanted to wish you happy birthday for wednesday! thank you for all the support you given me over these 6 months, it has helped me alot. i love you so much and hope you have a great birthday!

Hey tell karleigh I just got her letter, thanks soooo much for writing. Tell grandma and morgan thanks for the letters also. I will write more next week I promise. I am out of time and I gotta go, love ya all, and have a great week. keep me in you prayers, haha i need it!

Elder Paolacci

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