Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, March 14, 2011

wow this week went by fast haha
well hello family, all is good here in huanuco! glad my cds got there safely. haha hope you liked them.
um so wow ya kelly only has like a week left! haha gonna be the fastest week of his life. but hes gonna do great, im way excited for him. make sure you send me his mtc address so i can write him during the longest 3 weeks of his life haha.
so ya everything is going ok as far as investigators goes. we have 2 that are gonna get baptized this month. they are both way excited. It's pretty cool to see when someone has had the truthfulness of the gospel confirmed to them. So some sad news - leslie and ever aren't gonna get married. apparently they got separated this last week. not too sure what happened. but we are gonna keep working with them. It is crazy how the adversary works on people. But we will continue to pray for them and help them.

well heres my letter to president
Hola Presidente! Ha sido un buena semana en verdad. Hemos encontrado mas personas que se van a bautizar en este mes. Ellos son bien animados también. Es lo máximo para ver los frutos del trabajo. En verdad cada dia tengo mas animos para seguir en este obra. Estoy bien animado para la conferencia este semana y estoy listo para aprender mucho. Estas primeras semanas que yo he tenido como mayor me han ayudado bastante. Estoy aprendiendo mucho, y me falta aprender mucho mas. Pero se que cualquier cosa que el señor me manda hacer será posible y que me va a ayudar  a progresar como uno de sus siervos.
Elder Paolacci

Hello President! It's been a really good week. We found and taught more people that have a desire to be baptized this month. They are also well prepared. That's amazing to see the fruits of our labor. In truth every day I have more courage to continue this work. I am very excited for the conference this week and I'm ready to learn a lot. These first few weeks I have had here have helped a lot. I'm learning a lot, and I need to learn more. But anything that the Lord sent me to do is possible and that will help me to progress as one of his servants.

so friday was officially 7 months! not that im counting or anything. pretty crazy. its going way too fast. I need it to slow down !!!
so i heard a little about the tsunami in japan, but not a whole lot.
just that it was really really bad. so ya if you wanna let me know what happened i would appreciate it. huanuco seems like it has no link to the outside world.
well todays pday plans are unknown. So I guess we will see what our district leader has planned.

Last week was cool. we went to kotosh. they are some of the oldest ruins in the world so it was pretty interesting. OH so saturday the young single adults had a cultural dance festival. it was amazingly cool! it was like legit native dances. haha the young single adults here are way cool. and our ward got 2nd place! not too shabby so ya this week we have conference with president and im pretty sure ill get to see elder capps. (way cool) um so ya i think this is the last email of mine kelly will get to read no?

Note to Kelly "so ya good luck cuz! enjoy the mtc while it lasts (easiest part of your mission). dont eat too much food there. make friends. and get ready to work hard. its only 2 years haha so just work your butt off."

Well mom im excited to see what you sent! send me letters too!  Grams thanks for the dear elders they are appreciated. Tell the family to write !!!
well gotta go love you guys! Be happy !!! Choose the right !!!
elder paolacci

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