Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

well hello there family

haha what a week! lets just say latinos know how to party. haha just messing. but they are crazy. i thought they went crazy with the fireworks on christmas, oh was i mistaken. they took it to the HNL (ask matt dahl). I will be sending a video as soon as i can. haha its crazy. definitely a video that we will wanna be saving.

So ya i have a feeling these could be my last days in manchay. its kinda sad but i know the other areas in the mission are awesome too and there will be work for me to do.

heres my letter to the president
Ya pues este es la ultima semana de este cambio, y yo he aprendido mucho en este tiempo. Yo he mejorado my abildad para ser un misionero efectivo y tambien mi testimonio ha crecido bastante. Manchay es un gran lugar. En verdad es un poquito loco como yo he cambiado en mi tiempo aca. Me gustaria bastante para quedarme y trabajar mas aca pero se que no es mi decision, este es de el señor para decidir. Ahorita estamos encontando mas y mas personas listas para el evangelio. Es lo maximo como el señor prepara personas. En este cambio yo he visto bastantes milagros, pero tambien desafios. Y estoy muy agradecido para estas oportunidades. Tambien en este tiempo siendo capactitado yo he aprendido bastante. Yo he sido bendicido para tener dos granes papas de la mision, y espero que puedo ayudar otros misioneros como ellos me han ayudado. Gracias por todo presidente!

Elder Paolacci

Google Spanish to English translation (not a very good translation this week - but we get the gist of what he is saying)
And since this is the last week of this change, and I've learned a lot at this time. I have improved my Abild to be an effective missionary and also my testimony has grown considerably. Manchay is a great place. It is indeed a little crazy as I have changed in my time here. I would like enough to stay and work over here but it's not my decision, this is the Lord to decide. Right now we find more and more people ready for the gospel. Is the maximum as the Lord prepares individuals. In this change I have seen many miracles, but also challenges. And I am very grateful for these opportunities. Also at this time being capactitado I've learned a lot. I have been blessed to have two beans potatoes of the mission, and I hope I can help other missionaries as they have helped me. Thanks for everything president!

So ya it was a great week. we had the baptisms of gregory and anthony. both great young guys. haha gregory actually lives in elder norris area in setipo but he was down here for a month and we snaked him from them. haha jk but he is awesome, he was definitely a miracle in our sights. the first thing he said to us was that he wanted to be a missionary like us. it was way cool. Amazing to see the changes the lord makes in peoples lives.

So ya other than the great time we had with the work this week we also had a pretty fun time on new years. we spent the night in the room of the other elders because the porras family was having some crazy party that lasts to 6 in the morning that they do every year. so ya theres a hill/mountain behind the room of the other elders so we hiked that and recorded the craziness of new years eve. and ya the next day we finally ended up moving our house/room. its alot nicer, smaller, but nicer. mostly because its clean. not really important because im probably hitting the road tommorow.

hmm so ya new years day was pretty sad for me because that marks the official start of my ski season. i catch myself thinking about it alot but its all good. just give a little shout out to my homies at ALPINE.
they rock.

well ya it looks like we have less time this week to email so i gotta go. love ya guys HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! start it off on a good step? Keep it simple Just do the things you know - pray, read your scriptures and go to church. I promise if you do those things you will continual to feel blessed.

Tell Karleigh I love her and I will have more time to write next week. Keep her chin up and tell her re-read my last letter and boys, better step it up on the sports updates!

i think that's it. ahhh im losing all my english phrases!! ya esta bien. have a good week,
Love Elder Paolacci

p.s. GOOOOOOOOO PACKKKKKERRRSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they be winnin the super bowl this year

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