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His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well feliz navidad!

It was awesome to talk to everyone. Hope you all had an awesome christmas! It was definitely an experience here haha. Never gonna forget it. Also the missionary work is getting alot better in our area. people are coming to church and we have quite a few with baptismal dates. its really cool. the mission is alot more fun when you are having success.
so ya  heres my letter to president leyva :

Hola presidente Leyva : ¡Feliz Navidad! Todo esta lo maximo en manchay! En verdad estamos viendo las bendiciones del señor bastante ahorita. Especialmente las bendiciones de ayuno. Hicimos un ayuno 2 semanas atrás y este semana hemos visto bastantes bendiciones. Tuvimos el bautismo de un hermana Betsabe. Ella tiene un testimonio tan fuerte y va a ser un buena miembra. Tambien hemos encontrado 3 personas que estan listos para ser bautizado este 31. En verdad ellos son milagros y gracias a la bendicion de ayuno hemos podido ayudarles. Tambien anoche encontramos un familia inactiva y ellos quieren regresar a la iglesia. Tambien ellos tienen 3 hijos que van a ser bautizados el 15 de enero. La obra esta mejorando bastante en manchay y estoy muy agradecido para ser un parte de ella. Estoy tan agradecido por este tiempo que tengo como un misionero y espero que puedo ayudar la obra a mejorar siempre.
Elder Paolacci

(translated with google translate - not the best translation - but we get the jist)
Hello President Leyva: Merry Christmas! Everything is the ultimate in Manchay! Indeed we are seeing the blessings of the Lord enough right now. Especially the blessings of fasting. We did a fasting 2 weeks ago and this week we have seen many blessings. We had the baptism of a sister Bathsheba. She has a very strong testimony will be a good member. We have also found 3 people who are ready to be christened this 31. Indeed they are miracles and through the blessing of fasting we could help. Also inactive last night found a family and they want to return to the church. Also they have 3 children who will be baptized on January 15. The work is improving a lot in Manchay and I am grateful to be a part of it. I'm so grateful for this time I have as a missionary and I hope I can help the work to always improve.
Elder Paolacci

So ya we had the baptism of Betsabe on christmas morning! it was amazing. after every baptism here we invite the person who got baptized to give there testimony. usually its kinda of short because no one knows what they are doing, but when Betsabe gave hers the spirit was so very strong. it was amazing. shes gonna be a great member. I love to see the gospel in action and blessing peoples lives.

So this weekend we have 3 baptisms, anthony, gregory, and carolina. They are all awesome and im way excited for them and once again it is absolutely amazing the change in peoples lives for the better when they embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So just some funny things that are going down here. Apparently everyone wears yellow flip flops on new years eve? so im kinda scared for that and have no idea what to expect. they are selling them on every street corner. we are gonna buy some fireworks today so we can include ourselves tommorow night in their little fireworks show.

On a sad note im pretty sure im gonna be hitting the road come tuesday. atleast thats where all the signs are pointing. so we will see what happens. i really dont wanna leave, i have truly come to love manchay and all of the people here and we are touching so many lives and having so much sucess, but i dont have much of a choice. So it is a waiting game. I should know on Monday when I write maybe.

So ya everything is great here. i love it. i found out we can do skype in our mission too (how convienient that they tell us after christmas). so we shall be talking face to face mothers day (so teach malorie to say uncle dylan by then)

oh ya and thanks to everyone that sent me stuff! i loved it all! you guys are awesome.

i hope you all have a nice week. give karleigh a hug for me. i am sedning her a letter now.

tell everyone to write me letters! you gotta promise me you all will keep praying and keep reading your scriptures

Love, Elder Paolacci

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