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Monday, December 13, 2010



well it's officially the Christmas season. it's starting to seem more and more like Christmas here. it's really cool seeing the little shacks up on the mountains with their little strands of Christmas lights. Whenever I get my new camera I will be taking some pics! So ya I hope you guys are all having an awesome Christmas season. This really is the best time of the year. President Leyva challenged us to read the book of John before Christmas to get our mind on what's really important. I am thinking that it would be really cool if you guys could do it too.

Things are still a little rough here in Manchay, we have a lot of good investigators, really good people, but they never go to church! That's kind of an obstacle as far as progressing to baptism goes. It's really discouraging because we cant have baptisms without them going to church. We are trying lots of ways to get them to go but still no dice. here's my letter to the president

Hola presidente Leyva :
Ya pues la obra es dura ahorita en manchay. Estamos trabajando muy duro para ayudar la gente pero todavia no estan iendo a la capilla.
Hemos tratado bastantes cosas, empezar con otras nuevos, pedir los miembros a recogerles, pero todavia nada. Estamos un poquito confundido porque nuestros investigadores parecan tan animado para ser bautizados pero no estan haciendo su parte. Estamos esforzando para encontrar las dudas o problemas que tengan pero no sabemos donde estamos equivicando. Todavia estoy animado para trabajar, todavia puedo ver como este evangelio esta cambiando las vidas de las personas en nuestra area, y yo se que ahorita este es solamente un prueba que necesito vencer. Si no lo hago estoy quitando la oportunidad que la gente tiene para aceptar este mensaje. En verdad estoy muy agradecido por este tiempo que tengo, y prometo que siempre voy a dar mi mejor.
Tenga un buen Navidad!
Elder Paolacci
Hello President Leyva:
The work is tough right now in Manchay. We are working very hard to help people but they are not going to church.
We have tried several things, starting with other new members and asking members to pick them up, but still nothing. We're a little confused because our investigators seem so excited to be baptized but are not doing their part. We are striving to find the answers or problems with but do not know where we are going wrong. I am still encouraged to work hard , I can truly see how this gospel is changing the lives of people in our area, and I know right now this is only proof I need to overcome the obstacles we are facing. If not then I would be taking away the opportunity that people have to accept this message. I'm really grateful for this time I have, and I promise that I will always work hard and give my best.
Have a good Christmas! Elder Paolacci

So we have been opening up an area within our area called San Judas. Its even poorer than Manchay but the people are awesome. But its like a half hour from the capilla (chapel) so we aren't too sure how many of them are going to start coming. The area there is really cool too. It feels like we are in provincial (the cool part of Peru) when we are there. you would never think we were in lima. I think we are going to go there today and try to find some more nuevos.

Hmm so we found a pretty sweet room/house thingy that we are trying to switch to. We really need to change our room because there is a major flee problem. But ya the place is like twice the size of the room we have now and its got a pretty cool view of manchay (ohhhhhh so pretty haha).

So tomorrow I SHOULD be getting my packages so I'm pretty excited for that. I'm going to try my hardest to wait till Christmas to open them. But don't hate me if I peek :)

So ya always ask people if they want to send me a note or something. You can always post something on facebook, ya idk.

Tell Logan to stop hurting himself. And tell the boys I'm crying inside about Aaron Rodgers. I'm glad Karleigh is getting better, tell her I have been praying for her every night. Tell the boys to do the Christmas lights! No slacking on the Christmas lights - they gotta learn someday, so why not now! Have Coleton and his friends put them up. Tell them to be creative and send me a picture.

So Thursday is our multi zone Christmas Party, so I am really excited for that. We are doing little skits so that should be a trip. I'm going to record them and put the videos I have made on a cd and send them to you guys. I also get to see Elder Capps. That will be awesome.

Umm so something kinda really super sad. We were passing by the CCM the other day and I was talking to one of my old teachers and she told me that Elder Bell got some virus and went into a coma. She said it's super rare, only like 1 in 100,000 people ever get it. But the good news is that he is out of the woods and getting better and he'll be able to hit the field again. Just letting you guys know so you can pray for him. Please keep him in your prayers. He's one of my best friends now and I really hope he gets better.

So ya I love all you guys! You have fun this Christmas season for me , and I promise I'll work hard for you guys! Read your scriptures, says your prayers, be nice to each other and know that i love you!
Adios Elder Paolacci
p.s. yes they have lights at the Peru temple

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