Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, December 20, 2010



Well i appreciate the sports updates as always. Crazy stuff is going down. Vince Carter ?! wahhh! Pretty cool. too bad hes kinda old. and stinks to hear about my man aaron. why would anyone want to hurt him?!

So ya heres my letter to president leyva

Todo esta mejorando en manchay. Hemos encontrado nuevos quien estan dispuestos para progresar. Tuvimos 3 jovencitas que vinieron a la capilla este domingo y yo estaba tan feliz. Este fue la primera vez este mes con un investigador en la capilla. Ultimo martes estabamos compartiendo experiencias sobre milagros en la mision. Porque yo no tengo mucho tiempo en el campo yo exprese que yo se que vamos a ver milagros en manchay. Sabemos que el señor siempre esta probando nuestro paciencia. Hicimos un ayuno este dia y estamos viendo gran consequencias por este. Ahorita estamos enseñando un familia de tres mujeres. Ellas estan bien preparadas para nosotros. Yo se que ellas son un bendicion de ayuno y mi testimonio de ayuno ha aumentado mucho.
Estoy amando y disfrutando y aprendiendo mucho por este tiempo que tengo en Manchay, y yo se que vamos a tener exito muy pronto.

Elder Paolacci

Everything is going well in Manchay. We found new investigators who are ready to progress. We had 3 girls who came to church on Sunday and we were so happy. This was the first time this month with an investigator at church. Last Tuesday we were sharing experiences about miracles in the mission. Because I have not much time in the field I express that I know we will see miracles in Manchay. We know that the Lord is always testing our patience. We fasted that day and we are seeing great blessing for our fast. Right now we are teaching a family of three women. They are well prepared and are eager to hear the gospel. I know they are a blessing of our fasting and with this fasting my testimony has been greatly increased.

I'm loving and enjoying and learning a lot during this time that I have in Manchay, and I know we will see much sucess very soon.
Merry Christmas - Elder paolacci

Well mom its really sad hearing about marge. i know you were really close with her. But you do have the benefit of knowing youll see her again. Also i dont know if she was a member but this gives you the chance in 1 year to do her temple work. Just know that this isnt the end and that you'll be blessed for helping her so much.

So this week was good. We had our christmas conference! Got to see elder capps again and speak some english, haha that was nice. We did some sketches and ate some really good food. We had an amazing time.

So ya mom president leyva said elder bell ended up going home. So if you can do your magic and try to get me some updates on him that would be great, talk to his mom or something. His name is isaac bell. (So I heard from Elder Bell's Mom last week and she said he was moving in with the office Elders - so I think he is still in Peru)

So we had 3 investigators come to church finally! It was so uplfting seriously. They are so great. They are all young woman and the young women in the ward are being great with them. They will probably be baptized new years eve!


So tommorow i will be getting my christmas package! woohoo! im so excited, im gonna try my hardest to wait till saturday but i wont make any promises haha.

So once i get my new camera im gonna try and take a picture of the houses on the mountains of manchay. Alot of people have put up christmas lights and its pretty cool to see. Also people are starting to put up their christmas trees so its really starting to feel more like christmas. Still cant really shake the 100 degree christmas time feeling but its ok. Haha looks like elder rider is gonna have a white christmas! Not like ive had one so its ok - I dont know the difference.

So ya i did end up getting marissas letter, tell her to send another, and another, and another. ill start working on writting her one today. tell everyone thank you so much for sending notes and letters. i love hearing from home.

Well that seems to be all folks. tell the boys sicki nunu. tell karleigh to get better, make sure she has had a blessing. I have seen the blessings of the power of the priesthood - dad give her a blessing if you havent already.

Love you all, sorry to hear about tobias, but its ok you have maggie, and dogs without fleas. What a blessing !!!

so how are things reading the Book John ? It really helps you to reflect and get in the true spirit of Christmas by really getting to know our Savior.

so I want you all to have a merry merry christmas ok! Its gonna be rough away from home but i only get 2 in the mission so im gonna make the best of it.

Keep praying, keep reading those scriptures, keep playing the piano, keep being the best you can be and most of all just love each other. I wish I was there with all of you, but I am so happy to be doing this work and to be here in Peru.

Talk to you soon - literally hahahaha
Elder Paolacci

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