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Monday, December 6, 2010

Well Hello There

Well hello there!

So this week was goodish. Only two of our investigators showed up to sacrament. Its kinda rough when we work so hard, they have accepted the gospel and no one decides to show up to church. That is kind of a really important part of the gospel, you know attending church. We have a bunch of baptisms lined up for this month, but they have to go to church at least 3 times before getting baptized. Some of them are sleepers and just lazy, but they love the gospel already. Oh and ya i figured i would start attaching my letter to the president to you guys. its in Spanish but you guys can figure it out.

Hola presidente Leyva : Este semana ha sido un poquito dificil. Hemos sido trabajando tan duro y nuestras investigadores nunca vienen a la iglesia. Siempre dicen que van a venir y todos han aceptado un fecha bautismal, pero todavia nunca vienen. Yo se que este significa que ellos tienen dudas todavia y vamos a trabajar nuestro mejor este semana para ayudarles. Este domingo tuvimos las confirmaciones de clara y irwin. Ellos son buenos y van a ser buenos miembros. Tenemos muchos investigadores que tienen la opourtunidad para tener su bautismos este mes, y necesitamos esforzar el mejor que podemos para ayudarles a asistir a la capilla. Elder Vizcarra me esta ayudando mucho con mis lecciones y pienso que estoy mejorando mucho. Entonces otra de eso todo esta perfecto en manchay! Hasta proxima semana!
Elder Paolacci

(Best Spanish to English translation I can come up with - Jason and Trent might do a much better job: Hello President Leyva: This week has been a little difficult. We have been working so hard and our investigators didn't come to church. They always say they're coming and they have all accepted a baptismal date, but still have not come. I know this means they still may have doubts and we will work our best this week to help them in any way we can. This Sunday we had the confirmations of Clara and Irwin. They are good people and they will be good members. We have many investigators who have the chance to have their baptisms this month, and we need to help them the best we can to help them attend church. Elder Vizcarra is helping me a lot with my Spanish and I think I'm improving. Once again everything is perfect in Manchay! Until next week! Elder Paolacci)

So I'm glad to see that asu beat u of a. Totally mixed emotions in different parts of the world as missionaries read their emails this morning. Me Happy. Coy Mad. sounds like it was quite the thriller haha. And the packers won of course.

Well I'm sure you guys are getting all excited about Christmas! I am too. its kinda weird here tho. Its hottttttt in December, and that should mean something coming from an Arizona boy. But its cool, there are some families who have put up like 1 or 2 strand of Christmas lights. its kinda funny, but they cant really afford more so its all good. OHHHH so i should be calling the 14th! Its the pre call to get everything straightened out for Christmas day! So ya ill be calling your phone mom, have no idea when so be ready!

GET BETTER KARLEIGH!!!!!! STOP KISSING DAVID!!!!! everyone knows that's how you get mono. I'm pretty sure i know how she got it from kyle. simple, kyle kissed David and David kissed karleigh. ive learned alot about health down here. pretty much an expert.

Coleton and Logan keep up the sports updates! make it about all sports, everything that happened, if you do them every week ill bring something awesome home for you guys! (haha 20 months woohoo). Also congrats coleton on your singing debut and becoming the next zac efron haha. CHISTE! (Joke) Im proud of you, your choir group sounds way fun. And to Logan, keep tearing it up in football and baseball! you guys are awesome.

And tell everyone I LOVE getting letters and packages - they totally make my week and help me from getting homesick. Keep sending pictures. I love watching Malorie get big. Make me a video of her. Teach her to say Uncle Dylan first.

Hmm so quick little story. this week we went to a place called La Chakra. Its been a mystery to me these last two months because Elder Johns always said it was in our area and theres trees! (its a rare encounter for me). So we took a trip to La Chakra and it is way sick.

I felt for the first time that I was in the Peru I have been imagining! I will be sending some pictures, its pretty cool.

Um so quick question, if you could in your next package, no rush, could you send my gray slacks, some more of those ties for my to give away, ask aleise to send directions on how to solve the rubix cube haha i won one in a claw game and I am trying to show the kids here and i cant quite remember! and send some more of your magic cold meds if you can. But no rush!

So the highlight of the week....drumroll please .... I HELD A MONKEY!!!!!!! My mission has been fulfilled! I'm coming home soon. Haha no not really about coming home, but totally serious about the monkey, it was way cool, a family in our ward has two and its the coolest thing ever. I'm bringing one home.

So ya hope you guys are having an awesome holiday season! Have fun for me! Miss you guys and feel free to write me. its seriously the highlight of my week when I get ANYTHING from back home! Hey and make sure you tell cory to email me but only through your email. I am can only open email from mom's email address.

pics are coming soon. I'm doing awesome, I'm working super hard,we are having success. I love my mission and I love you guys! Chow!

Elder Paolacci

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