Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, January 24, 2011


AHHHHHHHHHHHH Of course they are going to the super bowl while im gone! Ahhh its all good. Make sure you record the super bowl, and just to let logan know...YOURE GOING DOWN! I am sure coleton is now a packers fan so don’t let the excitement get to crazy when MY team wins.

Ahhhh so ya everythings great here in manchay. weird to think i have 4 months here! and over 5 in the mission. crazy stuff.
we had a baptism saturday, his name is uber. ya seriously thats his name. hes way awesome, hes one of the monthly miracles we get down here in manchay. He had been prepared to hear the gospel well before we got to him. We just had to teach him the lessons and get him in the water. hes way awesome and is a sure bet to be an amazing future missionary.
So ya we also had training with president leyva this week. it was way good. he taught us alot of stuff that can help our investigators lose thier doubts and gain a testimony. felt like i was in the ccm again. But it was awesome. He is an incredible man and has so much to teach us and so much we can learn from his example.

Here is my letter to President -
Hola presidente todo esta bien aca en manchay. Yo disfrute las capacitaciones que tuvimos este semana, aprendi mucho. Las dias siguentes yo esforze para usar todas las cosas que nos enseño, y vimos éxito. Ahorita tenemos algunas investigadores que estan teniendo dificultades ganando su testimonio pero sabemos que pueden hacerlo. El lugar de manchay es un gran lugar para la obra y estoy muy agradecido que tengo este tiempo para trabajar aca. Estoy haciendo todo que puedo para llevar este mensaje a todas las personas que puedo, y yo se que muchas personas han sidos, y van a ser bendecidos por este.
Elder Paolacci

Hello President
Everything is good here in Manchay. I really enjoyed the training we had this week, I learned a lot. The following day after the training I strived to use all the things we were taught and we saw much success. Right now we have an investigator who is having difficulty gaining his testimony, but we know he can. Manchay place is a great place to work  and serve and I'm grateful I have this opportunity to work here. I'm doing everything I can to share the gospel message to everyone I can, and I know many people have been truly blessed by the gospel here.
Elder Paolacci

So ya seriously everything is going really good. we have baptisms lined up, and we are working hard. me and elder vizcarra get along really well. i turned him into an asu and a packers fan haha, but he doesnt understand football at all.

So ya my one request is that if the pack win the superbowl, you guys need to send me the superbowl champs shirt, and if you can buy the other shirts like division and nfc champs. Also the dvd that they make for the teams when they win (dont send that to me of course - just pack it away till I get home). And anything else that would fill this huge hole that is being created in my heart right now just thinking about my boy aaron rodgers going to the superbowl. But dont worry, i am still 100 percent focused. Working really hard, too hard sometimes. That's a testimony right there of the gospel. I am totally okay with my team going to the superbowl and me not being there to see it. Wouldnt trade the blessings of being here for anything.

i love you all so much, and ill try to get my photo dvds to you guys as soon as possible. Keep studying and praying !!!
Elder Paolacci

ps - So ya pass this info onto Elder johns -and tell him manchay is the best area in the mission, but he already knows that. elder vizcarra and I figured out theres been 10 different elders with me in manchay haha. peña and elliot for a day, johns, diaz, cule, silva, chavez, and now vizcarra, mercado, and inga. It is the place to be.

pss - cam you are the man. wish I could be there with you because you know our team is going all the way. but I know you will make me proud celebrating in true packer style. my comp is totally a packers fan now also. what an awesome time to have 9:00 church. But just know bro I wouldn’t even trade being there to watch the superbowl and my man aaron rodgers. The mish is the best place in the world to be. Just work hard and prepare and don’t be lazy like I was cuz then you will have to study even harder when you get in the mtc. keep the updates coming. Love ya bro

psss- logan thanks for the email - just remember that I love you when my team wins !!!!!!!! GO PACKERS !!!!!

psss- does karleigh still live there (hahaha) just wondering cause I thought she said she was going to send me an email every week and write me letters. Just pass the message onto her that her older brother is patiently waiting on an update on her life from her.

psssssssssssssssssss - tell everyone I love them. I am excited marissa is gonna come home to skype with me on moms day. Tell malorie hi from uncle dylan.

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  1. I had to leave a comment as my son is also serving in Peru. The Cuzco, Peru mission and he is also a HUGE Packer fan. He is going through the same feelings, sure you are in the super bowl WHILE I am away. We had a card board cut out made of our Missionary as his sister got married while he has been out. So he will be standing watching the game with his Packer jersey on and the cheese head, that his older brother brought back to him while serving in the Milwaukee, Wi mission. So yes we Will be saying Go PACKERS on Feb. 6th.
    Leesa Rogers
    mom of Elder Dantley Rogers Cuzco, Peru



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