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His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Greetings From Manchay !!!

Well.......Greetings from Manchay!!! Six more weeks!! Yeah !!!
Ya so this was my first transfer after my training  so i was kinda nervous that i might be leaving. But it was not so and the Lord has blessed me to stay here six more weeks ! I really didn't wanna leave Manchay. I'm pretty sure these 6 weeks will be awesome and I am really happy I get to stay - we are working hard and I am excited.
But ya there's not really much news from this week.It was busy because of transfers. We are working really hard with our investigators and we are seeing lot's of progress. Keep us and them in your prayers.

Heres my note to president -
Hola presidente Leyva : Bienvenidos de manchay! Estoy tan agradecido que tengo mas tiempo aca. Manchay es lo máximo. Este mes va a ser un buen mes en verdad. Vamos a tener mucho éxito. La única cosa que necesitamos hacer es sacar algunas permisos y continuar trabajando.
Estamos tan feliz. Creemos que ultimo cambio fue un prueba de nuestra pacienca, y ahora somos mejores misioneros. No hay mucho mas que eso.
Estoy muy feliz aca en manchay y estoy listo para trabajar.
Elder Paolacci

(Translation - the best I can)

Hello President Leyva,
Hello from Manchay. I am so grateful that I have more time here. Manchay is awesome. This month will be a good month indeed. We will be very successful. The only thing we need to do is take some time and continue working.
We are so happy. We believe that last change was a test of our patience, and now we are better missionariess because of it. Not much more than that.
I am very happy here in Manchay and I'm ready to work.

Elder Cule finished his 2 years Tuesday. And Elder Silva, his old comp, got transferred to Huancayo. (so I told him to look for my buddy Elder Sheridan - lucky guy) so now we have 2 new elders in Manchay. They seem pretty cool. Elder Mercado and Elder Chavez. It's kinda funny because they know nothing about manchay, and i feel like i know everything. I love this place.

So ya i got stuck with the bad computer again this morning so its gonna be hard to type alot.

Oh so if you don't already know Elder Rider got moved up to senior comp! Ahhh he's crazy. I called him the night of transfers and he seems scared out of his mind. I'm scared for him. But he is an amazing missionary and he will be awesome and I look forward to the day I can serve in the same area with him. Elder brown got transferred :( Good thing he is from AZ and I will see him when I get home.

So ya that's way cool that Kelly got to Baptize Tyler. I'm was so glad i got to baptize Logan before i came out.

Well ya sorry i could write much. Love you all. Hope you all are just having a good ole time. Okay family keep doing what you are supposed to do and staying on the right path. Scriptures and prayers are a sure ticket to happiness and protection.

Tell everyone thank you for the letters - i appreciate it so much when people write !!!
Elder Paolacci
elder paola to all the latinos

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