Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Everything is good in Manchay !!!

ya so everything good in manchay york. we are working so hard and on the brink of a lot of success. This week we have 3 baptisms and we have 3 next week too! But I am gonna tell you it is all due to HARD WORK. you guys really would be so proud of me seeing how hard i work now. ya fueron my lazy days. at least until aug. 14 2011! haha. Just messing.

Manchay is awesome. i never wanna leave this place. It may be not be pretty on the outside but I'm pretty sure its the best place to be a missionary in the whole world. i love it here. And I feel truly blessed to have started my mission here. this week we have the baptisms of a kid named uber (what a name - good thing he is so awesome), and also two sisters genesis and Shirley. They are all so awesome and are gonna be great members. so here be my letter to President

Este semana ha sido muy bueno. Hemos arreglado mucho con nuestra area y dejado algunas personas. Fue un poquito triste pero no estaban progresando y ahora vamos a tener mas tiempo para enfocarnos en las personas que estan progresando y mas tiempo para encontrar nuevos.
Este semana tambien termino nuestro tiempo de preparaciĆ³n mas o menos.
En la proxima 2 o 3 semanas tenemos la oportunidad para tener 7 bautismos. Entonces vamos a ver que va a pasar. Vamos a trabajar nuestro mejor porque sabemos que estas personas tienen la oportunidad para cambiar y queremos ayudarles hacerlo. Gracia por todo su ayuda presidente.
Elder Paolacci

so now what about my PACKKKEEERRRRRSS!!!!!!!!!! As i say to my buddies here, there have only been 2 perfect people to walk the face of the earth, Jesus, And ARODG!!!! (hahaha - just my standing football humore here with the natives) I'm so happy. they are gonna win the super bowl this year, just like i said. if they win you guys have to send me the championship shirt! ahh so awesome. Cam you are the man sending me updates. I knew I could always count on you. Let me know how ASU is doing also. I promise I will be a faithful sports updater when you are on your mission also. I got your back bro. And Coleton and Logan you are the best brothers a guy could have. Thanks for writing me and not forgetting about me. I know I can always count on you. What's up with my sisters (clearing my throat) I know they will be writing next week. Tell the Breshears family thanks for the email. i love reading them and keep sending them. Just keep telling everyone to email you mom and you can forward them on to me. Or they can do dear elder like grandma. That always works and I must admit it is nice to get something when they deliver the mail on Tuesdays. I have the best family and friends. If I haven't told all of you lately how much I appreciate you I do.

So here's a fun fact for the boys that they might like to know about (tell Tyler to he might get a kick out of this)- the weirdest food I've eaten so far is..... i once had chicken with a member and they had the chicken feet just chillin there on the table while we ate. So nothing too crazy so far (at least that I am aware of) they are nice to us here and just keep it simple, they try not to kill us.

Also mom thanks for sending coys letters to me. I love hearing about my friends. I know we are all totally busy doing the Lords work and so there is not a lot of time to write but the updates he sends to his family are awesome. It sounds like hes loving it as much as I am.  Tell him to keep up on his spanish cause then we can make fun of everyone without them knowing when I get home (ha ha)

Well I love you guys, keep being awesome. Keep up family prayers and scripture study. Maybe for FHE one night you can make a video and send it to me. The members love seeing pictures. They would get a kick out of seeing my family in action. Can you believe I have 5 months down already and only 19 more to go - it is going by way to fast! Send my love to everyone.
Elder Paolacci

Ps Tell grandma paolacci we are already imaging how good those mangos are gonna taste. Hope the mail comes fast.

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