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His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, November 1, 2010

This Place Is Great !!!

HOLA!!!! This place is great !

So first off I'm glad my teams are back to winning! haha oh and you need to remind the boys that i totally called the rangers to be in the world series! doesn't seem like they're gonna win, but who knows so ya all is well in manchay, I'm feeling a little better, and my eye is all better which is nice. we called Hermana Leyva and she told us to buy some medicines and stuff. but ya I also remember Ryan Miller telling me that I'm not gonna be 100 percent healthy for two years so I just have to get over it.

so this weekend was kind of a doozy. we were supposed to have 3 baptisms but only ended up with one. its really sad, one of them didn't happen just because he had to work, but the other one was really disheartening. we have this 11 year old boy who has been taking the lessons and was supposed to be baptized on Saturday. well Saturday morning we were passing by his house and his dad was in town and hes a big drinker. him and his friends were all drunk, and we felt a huge need to emphasize to Irwin(the investigator) that he needed to stay away. well later that day we were passing by and we saw him take a drink of beer. ah it was so sad because now he cant be baptized for 4 more weeks. its really rough down here for a lot of kids because they don't have any good examples.
Oh so I sent some letters this week, but only a couple. I'm gonna take some time today to finish them. haha and hopefully they get there!

Oh so last night was Halloween?! I could barely tell, they don't really go all out here like we do in the states Hmmm so we are looking for a new house in Manchay.
Tell Coleton to not quit playing the piano! that was my biggest mistake and I totally regret not being able to read music here.

Tell Logan I'm proud of his baseball skills and to keep working hard.

Tell Karleigh to get better, being sick sucks!

I can't believe how big Malorie is getting !

My shirts haven't arrived yet but hopefully they'll be there tomorrow.

oh and I must not have followed the instructions for the flea collars because we have massive flea problems

And idk if you would be willing, but a great Christmas present would be some new shoes! haha the old ones that i brought aren't gonna last, so if you want you can use my money and try to find some of those eccos. if you don't know what I'm talking about ask Elder Johns mom and Elder Riders mom. I know they might be expensive but they'll last.

I can already tell my English is gonna be toast in a couple months, so I'm interested to see how my emails are gonna start sounding.

sorry for sending such short emails lately, I'm working on it, we don't have much time because we need to email President Leyva too (in Spanish)

I'm working way hard down here and we are having a ton of success, it may be hard but there are always blessings for hard work. Stay strong, keep praying, the Lord is always there to hear and answer our prayers. I witness this daily, so don't ever be afraid to ask him for help whenever you need it. 

well family I love ya guys and I'll talk to ya next week

Elder Paolacci

PS - Tell Grandma Harper thank you for the package

PSS - Tell everyone thank you for the letters they truly are the best thing ever to get

PSSS - I can't wait to hear about Kelly's mission call

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