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His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, November 22, 2010

¡Buenas Dias!

¡Buenas Dias!

So good week. First off I am very proud of my packers. showing them vikings whats up.

That's way cool about Logan's games. Third base is by far the coolest position. Make sure he keeps playing it and tell him to be aggressive.

Oh and I'm way bummed about missing harry potter with Coleton and Karleigh, but ill get over it. I'm sure it was way good. Just make sure to put it on the list of movies I miss while I am gone and we can rent it when I get home. Well thanksgiving is gonna be quite different because its just gonna be another regular day for us. i was trying to persuade elder diaz to let us do something that morning like soccer, but no dice.

I'm way excited for my Christmas package! I'm pretty sure i got all of the other packages. thank you and grandma so much. they totally make my day when I get one. So this week was really good and a little disappointing too. We started off the week strong, 8 people accepted a baptismal date for the last day of the month so we were way happy. But come Sunday only one showed up and the rest lost their date because they wouldn't have enough times attending church. But Sunday we had the baptism of a teenage girl named Clara. It was awesome because i got to baptize her! The baptism of Jorge (my first in the field) was definitely special, but this one had a little more significance to me because it was the first person that i was involved with the whole process of teaching her about our savior and the plan of salvation and then when she accepted the gospel I was able to baptize her . So that was pretty awesome.

This has been a really good week, in the fact that I was way happy the whole week. I have no idea why but I just tried my hardest to be happy and it was awesome. teaching the gospel and being obedient leads to complete happiness.

Oh yeah, 1 transfer down! so cool. this is going by way too fast. But I'm loving it at the same time. Manchay is already starting to feel like home, which is really weird. My Spanish is doing really well i would have to admit. Elder diaz said that i was giving a lesson in Spanish while i was sleeping the other night. pretty cool huh. and there are alot of times when i catch myself thinking in Spanish. its really weird but way awesome too. and scary because my English is going to die in about 6 months.

So thanks for all the letters you have sent me. make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate the communication from home. also it might take a long time for people to get a response. but i think my blog should suffice for most people for now. I truly am thinking about everyone often, we are just so busy working here morning until night.

Also if you could send me that little wood thing for the plan of salvation that we saw at missionary mall that would be cool. and some little games we can play with little kids. idk it might be cool.

Well don't got much more time. Promise I will have more to write next week. keep writing. keep reading your scriptures. remember your prayers. this gospel is amazing. I am so thankful for my family, please make sure they all know how much I love them. Logan keep playing ball and giving it your all, coleton how you coming on those 4 hymns? make sure you are reading your scriptures. karleigh glad to hear you are being good at being the oldest, but don't worry I will be back one day. keep going to seminary and studying your scriptures, remember that you have a heavenly father who is always there for you. morgan and trent keep doing good with Malorie she is getting so big. Marissa, hey where is Marissa ? make sure to tell my big sister I love her. dad don't work to hard. well tell the rest of the family I love them so much and I am thankful for all their love and support. Loving it here in Peru and I love my mission. no place I would rather be. Well until next week!

Elder Paolacci

PS - also if you can keep your eye out for nice Sony cameras on black Friday. this camera works and all but I think I want a better one. lot's of memories to record and I want to get the best pictures I can. there are some ones that I was looking at in a camera magazine that I found that are black and have 14.1 megapixels. if they have those on a huge sale that would be really cool. if not I think on one of our pdays im going to look for a new one, but I figured I would ask you to look on black Friday because it might be cheaper.

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