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His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ahhhhhhhh That is So Cool !!!

AHHHHH THATS SO COOL!!!!! (about Kelly's mission call)

South Carolina! Ah dang hes gonna love it there. For the longest time before my mission i wanted to go to south carolina. There are definitely benifits of going to a stateside mission and hes gonna love it. Im gonna be writing him a letter today so let him know to be expecting it.

Hmmmm so all is good in manchay! On the 11th i hit 3 months woot woot. Now that i think about it though i think thats the day coy hit a year. wow thats crazy. time flies thats for sure. I cant believe this is the last week of the transfer. Me and elder diaz are most likely gonna be together again but elder johns is most likely leaving. i have enjoyed getting to know him. he is awesome. i hope another north american comes in his place or ill be all alone :( Well next week is thanksgiving no? Im gonna be so sad without the turkey bowl. Eh but ill live. But i was thinking if you could send some thanksgiving recipes that i could give to my pension that would be cool. Idk something exciting i guess.

Hmm so this sunday we have the baptism of Clara. Shes 17 and at first wasnt very excited to be baptized because her mom wouldnt be able to come because she lives in brazil, but after she prayed about it she felt the holy ghost and knew in her heart it was the right thing to do and now shes excited as can be. We are excited for her. So last thursday after the temple we went to downtown lima to a museum. it was limas version of china town. i was quite confused, being in a different country imitating a different country. Sometimes i just have these strange moments where i cant really believe im in peru.

So where we email from has a printer so let people know for now if they wanna write me they can send the email to you and you can forward them to me and i can print them off here. .

So ya while we are on the subject, mom you are pretty much a celebrity here. At least once a week i get a "hey my mom talked to your mom". haha its awesome cause now ill have all these connections when i get back. I love you mom.

que mas. haha not gonna lie my spanish is doing farely well. I have gained a true testimony of the gift of tounges because when I teach it all just flows perfectly. It is awesome. Thursday nights we have english class for our investigators and i had to give a prayer in english! holy cow it was so hard. i havent given a prayer in english for 3 months. haha i wish i had it on video you all would have laughed at me.

So i was just reading the first line of your email.....misionerA? Mom its ELDER Paolacci, not Hermana Paolacci. But keep working on your spanish. I promise if you study you will get better.

So ya the question about dec 16. Yeah we have our christmas conference dec 16 but you dont have to worry about the package getting here until the 25. well actually the tuesday before. So yes send a cd too and I will put pictures and some videos on it of my area I have made. If you want you guys can send some videos on a dvd too.

About the preach my gospels, just 2. if you havent found them yet look into alphagraphics. they can do it i think.

So ya again let kelly know im way proud of him and to enjoy the time he has before his mission, he needs to study HARD because it's HARD WORK. Let people know they can send you emails and you can attach them to your email. Handwrittens are still better but they take a while and im sure some people dont like doing it or they forget.

Well keep reading your scriptures and work hard (cause I am working hard) remember if we are obident to the teachings of the gospel our lives are truly blessed.
Love Ya guys!
Elder Paolacci

PS - you wanted to know some things for christmas - dried mangos(costco ones) money is always nice if you have any to spare - CANDY - a recap on sports since I have been gone and whatever else your heart desires

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