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Monday, June 13, 2011

Officially half way to 40 !!!

ahhh well im officially halfway to 40, is that a bad way to look at it? haha i seriously cannot believe im already 20. i would prefer not to be but heh what can i do. thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! i am gonna try my best to write a bunch of letters to everyone this week. oh ya about the whole mail thing, the strike is over so it should be safe to send stuff. if they kick us out they wont be doing it for another month or so. so ya its safe to send stuff.
so i guess ill start off with the zone leader conference we had. we traveled to lima monday afternoon, and got there monday night. that night i saw vizcarra, johns, and a bunch of elders i know, oh ya and fogleman with his dang aaron rodgers shirt haha. but ya we stayed up talking until 1 am, apparently thats not against the rules in the zl conference haha.
the next day we went to the temple with president and his wife, which was amazing. after the temple we had the zl counsel.
it was cool, we go over announcements, and rules and stuff that should be made or changed, and then president taught. He's an amazing teacher. dont be surprised if he gets called as a seventy after he gets released.
After the counsel i went on splits with the assistants. it went really well and we taught some pretty interesting people (we were in la molina, the richest part of peru haha). well after the splits we went back to the house and guess whati bought ????
PIZZZZZZAAAAAAAA hahah from papa johns, lets just say it was amazing. my first pizza in almost 5 months! haha i ate a whole xl pizza.
The next morning (Wednesday) we took off back to la oroya, and almost missed our bus. oh and ya i tried to go to manchay but it just didnt work out. maybe next time.
um so ya it was a good week here in la oroya. this weekend we had 3 baptisms, my first baptisms in like 2 months. it was way cool. in our time here in la oroya we have noticed that the branch is a little weak as far as orginization and stuff like that goes, but after the baptisms our respect grew so much for these people because we saw that they are some of the most loving and helpful people that we have met. it was pretty amazing
so ya heres my very short letter to presidente (since I was just with him most of the week)
hola presidente! este semana en marcavalle fue lo maximo. tuvimos tres bautismos este fin de semana y hemos encontrado various personas que aceptaron fecha.en verdad fue una semana muy buena y todo fue por todo el trabajo que hemos estado poniendo. se que realmente vamos a tener mucho exito aqui en estas semanas en marcavalle. tambien la zona tuvo una semana muy buena y los misioneros estan muy animados. Elder Paolacci
Google translate
Hello President!
Everything in Marcavalle this week was awesome. We had three baptisms this weekend and we found people who were looking for the gospel. Many have accepted baptism dates. It was indeed a very good week and we are happy for all the work we have been getting. We are going to have much success here in the following weeks in Marcavalle area. It has been a very good week and are very encouraged missionaries.
well today we are taking a trip back to that way sweet cave and we are gonna have more time to go deeper. its gonna be sweeetttt.
well i love you all and thank you so much for being so great to me.
ill try to have the best birthday i can. thanks again for all the bday wishes!
Elder Paolacci
p.s. coleton dont have too much fun at efy, and stay away from the girls.

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