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Monday, June 6, 2011

buenas dias a todos


buenas dias a todos
haha it was quite the week. first off we left last sunday after church for tarma and we stayed there until tuesday night. for pday monday we went to some waterfall where we had to pull off some gnarly adventure up a river just to get there. haha the funny part is that we couldnt get in the water so we had to jump from rock to rock or climb some boulders and stuff. it was pretty dang cool. after that we had some other stuff to do, like a maze, and a slide, haha i got videos. and we also played soccer afterwards on some terrible field they had. but it was fun.

well the next day we had district and zone meetings and after that we took off for LA MERCED! oh my goodness that place is amazing. haha i was thinking there is no way manchay and la merced are in the same mission. but for real there are so many trees there! it looks just like the movies when they go to jungles. but ya that night we had our last interviews with president Leyva. I'm going to miss him, he is an awesome mission president

after the interviews we were all hungry and went looking for some food (accepting the fact that none of us know anything about la merced). we found a restaurant that makes hamburgers so we tried it out. it was way good, the hamburgers were huge. 

after that we headed back to the room of the zls in merced and gues who was waiting in the window! SHERIDAN! haha it was so cool to see him, hes doing great, hes a dl and hes finishing the training of his kid. i told him next change him and rider are going up to zl. that would be so cool to see them every month for meetings. so ya me and sheridan stayed up a while catching up. i told him he has the best luck going to two of the prettiest areas in the mission, juaja, and villa rica. where i have gone to manchay, huanuco (which isnt half bad), and la oroya (industrial town)haha. but it doesnt realy matter where we are cause the work is the same no matter where we go. 
Elder Paolacci & Elder Shaeridan
This is the Victory shot during the conference. Re-united at last. Now we have to wait until we are in the same zone. THAT will be a blast.
(Elder Paolacci & Elder Sheridan spent the first 9 weeks training together. They were part of the fab five that all reported on the same day entered the field to serve in the Peru Lima East Mission together)
See them here in the begining
October 2010
The Fabulous Five
Five Amazing Young Missionaries Called to Serve the Lord

The next morning we had the multi zona conference. and guess what, i had to direct it. not gonna lie i was super nervous. also me and my comp had to give an hour long training. haha it was interesting but everything turned out great. thankful for the Lords hand in my life cause that got me through. It was an amazing day. after the conference we said our goodbyes and headed back to our areas.

but the adventure doesnt end there. when we got back the owner of our room said that we owed him like 700 soles for some reason, and if we didnt pay him we had to leave immediately. so guess what we did ? we packed our bags and took everything out of the room and we hit the dirt road. at this point it was late and we werent really sure what to do or where to go but we are always up for an adventure so we went to a members house and knocked on their door. we told them what happened and they let us sleep there for 2 nights until we found a room. finally on saturday we found a room and got moved in. 

but wait, the adventure doesnt end there. yesterday was elections here in peru, so we couldnt leave the room the whole day. the winner of the election was a guy called ollanta humala some here in peru relate him to Hugo Chavez, hes kinda anti gringo so theres a possibilty that they will have all north americans leave the country. its not for sure but its very possible becuase that is what he has been saying he will do if he wins. and he won.

figured i would tell you because i didnt wanna email you one monday and say im in mexico or something.

but dont worry we are perfectly safe. all will be well becuase we are in the lords hands.

well thats the shortest i could sum up the week - happy bday coleton!
i got 1 of the thermal packages, the others didnt arrive because the mailmen are on strike.

oh ya heres my letter to presidente
Buenas dias presidente! todo esta muy bien aqui en marcavalle. estamos trabajando muy bien y hay mucho exito veniendo. ha sido un poquito dificil en cuanto los bautismos porque no ha habido agua aqui en nuestra capilla por casi 2 semanas. pero nuestra area y la zona vamos a tener muchos bautismos en este mes. estoy seguro que sabe sobre la situacion de nuestro cuarto anterior. fue un poquito dificil porque quito casi todo de nuestra semana. Pero vamos a vencer ese desafio y se que vamos a lograr mucho aqui en marcavalle y la zona tarma.

Google translate - Good morning President! everything is fine here in Marcavalle. We are working very well and much success veniendo. was a bit difficult as baptisms because there was no water here in our chapel for almost 2 weeks. but our area and the area we will have many baptisms this month. I'm sure you know about the situation of our previous quarter. was a bit difficult because it removes almost all of our week. But we will overcome this challenge and we are going to achieve much here in the area Marcavalle and Tarma

well family i gotta go, we are taking off to lima in 1 hour for zone leader council. we are gonna be there until wednesday, and maybe, maybe ill get to go to manchay for a little bit. ill let you know how it goes. i am excited !!! i love you, the lord loves you and we are all going to be okay. keep the faith. keep being awesome.
love you all!
Elder Paolacci

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