Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, June 20, 2011


email time!
well this week was great. started off with a sweet bday. we ended up going to that cave gain but we went like a mile in, it was way cool, also got some pics. so now i think im ready to burna pic cd and send it to you guys. ive been writing some letters and stuff, i just wanna get the best bang for my buck if im gonna send something home. so ya this week was great. we have been working way hard and we have found alot of people to teach. its crazy because when we got here we thought the area was dead, but it looks like we were way off. haha this is seriously an interesting place to say the least.
well heres my letter to presidente
buenos dias presidente!
este semana ha sido una gran experiencia aqui en marcavalle. en verdad hemos tenido bastante exito. es loco como el seƱor nos ayuda cuando trabajamos diligentamente. hemos encontrado muchas personas que van a tener fecha para julio. hubieran tenido fecha pero no pudieron ir a la iglesia. pero sabemos que este domingo que sigue muchos vana venir.
tambien hemos estado esforzandonos mucho para ayudar las areas en la zona a tener personas con fecha. hemos estado verificando todos las noches y en verdad esta ayudandoles mucho. estamos muy bien aqui en marcavalle y en la zona tarma y estamos animados para trabajar.
Elder Paolacci
good morning President!
This week has been a great experience here in Marcavalle. we have indeed been quite successful. it is amazing how the Lord helps us when we work diligently. we have found many people who will be prepared for baptism in July. They would be ready to set a date now,  but they need to attend church more. but we know that this Sunday after many of them will be attending. We've also been working hard to help other areas around us. I've been checking in with them every night and it is really helping a lot. well here in the area Marcavalle tarma things are good and we are encouraged to work.

well im gonna answer your questions first - yes i got the 3 packages with the thermals. we are encouraged to only listen to hymns here, not really even motab, so dont worry about buring me any special ones.well we arent really sure what its gonna be like when the new president enters, all i know is that we have zl counsel 3 days after he gets here - so thats gonna be i can't believe it is time for president leyva to go. the truth is im gonna miss him, hes an amazing guy.
sultan (the dog) was sick the other day, usually hes like way happy and crazy when he sees us but this time he just walked up to us and let us pet him. BUT after we were walking away a dog started barking at us and sultan came running down the hill and messed him up. haha hes such a cool dog. 
sooo ya thats awesome that logan made the all star team, i bet they will go to state, go pv east, o wait shadow mountain
i cant believe coleton went to efy, he cant be that old yet, and plus he never asked me permision to go so we are gonna have to have a little chat.

im actually really excited to hear about grandmas call, its gonna be way cool

well transfers are tommorow night, BUT im almost positive me and my comp are staying together, in fact there shouldnt be too many changes in our zone. im predicting and hoping that someone from my mtc group comes up to zl. but ya well see
so ya lifes great here in la oroya haha. the mission is going by way fast, but im loving it every single minute of it.
i love all you guys so much and keep being awesome!
Elder Paolacci

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