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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to Peru !!!!

Wooooowwwwwww!!!!!!! This place is insane! Holy cow! you wouldn't believe how cool this place is!
The CCM (Centro de Capacitación Misionalhere - Missionary Training Center in Spanish) is soooo much nicer than the one in Provo. So I guess you can see how excited I am to be here. It is just that I never in a million years imagined how amazing this place would be! I cannot even find the words to describe it.

The rooms are 10 times nicer and the bathrooms are way way nice. The only negative thing I have noticed so far are the pillows, they are just super lumpy and not very comfortable (so I should have found a way to pack mine - just like Ryan said find a way to bring a pillow no matter what - and I left mine at the MTC cause I ran out of room in my luggage)

Well we got in here last night at like 10:30, but our native comps weren't here yet so we could just hang out for a while. My roomies are Elder Rider and Elder Sheridan (can you believe it ???? How lucky am I - this is going to be awesome) This morning we got to sleep in till 7 (woohoo haha) and went to breakfast. After breakfast we filled out some papers and had interviews with President Whetton, he's really cool and I can tell we are gonna love him.

 After all that Elder Rider and I played soccer for like an hour and a half because we had a bunch of free time today. The soccer field is AMAZING!!! Oh my goodness, it's a turf field and it has nice goals and a huge net surrounding it so no one looses a ball. Soooooo Awesome !!!! While we were playing our comps had to be in class. After soccer we had to do a bunch of paperwork and stuff, during this time I realized that the Provo MTC never gave me back my immunizations records so I don't know what I am gonna do about that.

Since then we have just been studying and stuff. Our compañeros are on different schedules than us so they aren't always with us. I already love my compañero, he's really patient with me and helps me alot. I feel like I might be almost fluent when I leave the CCM to go into the field.

So last night I got a good taste of culture shock. The airport was a CIRCUS, people and cars going everywhere, it was crazy. Oh and the drive from the airport to the CCM was totally crazy. Lima is so cool looking. I hope I get to spend some time here. The drivers here are ridiculous, I don't know how people don't get in a million accidents. It's just people going for it and not stopping for others, its crazy.

It still really hasn't hit me that I'm in Peru right now, it's just all surreal. Apparently on our pday after we go to the temple we go to a market and get to buy stuff. I just converted half of my cash to soles. and on Saturday's we get to go out and tract. ahhh I'm so glad to be here and can't wait to keep working. I don't have much time left so I gotta go, tell the boys and karleigh and Trent and Morgan I'm really sorry I couldn't talk to them yesterday. Tell everyone I miss them ALOT! Tell Marissa hello for me too !!! Tell Coleton I said good luck with b-ball and tell Logan to not be a goof and tell someone next time he gets hurt. Tell Karleigh I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

I'm really glad I got to talk to you and dad yesterday, it totally made my week. I miss you guys so much and love you all! But I am soooooooo happy I am here and wouldn't trade it for the world. Time to get to work.

I Love You ALL - Elder Paolacci

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  1. That is so awesome our boys are roomies! Did Dylan send those pictures home of the CCM? Mitch still hasn't sent any pictures.



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