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His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trip to Lima

heyo familia!

This week at the CCM has been great! All the new elders came in on Thursday so that was pretty cool. There's alot of them. I guess theres' around a total of 150 of us now and its way crowded here. Apparently its the most theres ever been here. But its still way awesome. Ha ha I'm a little disappointed about the football scores but its alright.

Everyday my testimony is strengthened about why I'm out here. i miss you guys and all but I wouldn't cut this experience short of two years for anything. Its amazing how happy i am all the time. I know it sounds weird but having the spirit with you all day everyday is amazing.

Well my new comp is Elder Ewing. Hes been in my district since Provo so we already know each other real well. He's really tall, like 6 foot 7.  He's way easy to get along with. Elder Sheridan is still in my room, I love him. He's almost convinced me to try and go to Univ. of  Utah after the mission.

I did end up having a way spiritual experience this week. it was during our tour of downtown Lima, and at the end they dropped us off to go shopping and grab some real food. And it was coming down to the end of our time that we had to shop and we had been buying jerseys from this lady (like 5 dollars each, CRAZY) and the other elders in my group told me it was time to go. But as I was walking out of her shop I was literally stopped in my tracks by the spirit was totally prompted to go talk to her about the church. she ended up being totally into it! She asked for a Book of Mormon before I could even offer it to her. I told her that in three weeks there will be some more missionaries there that she could talk to and she was super excited. It was so awesome, just thought I would share that experience with you guys.

And I guess while we are on the topic of the tour we went on, AMAZING.
We got to stop at the beach and take pics, drove through the business district with all the huge buildings, and then we drove through downtown Lima that had a bunch of cathedrals. Sorry I didn't explain it better last week but the presidents house I was talking about was the president of Lima (the ccm president lives here). And all we did was drive really slowly by it. At the end of the tour when we got to go shopping, me and Elder Capps grabbed some pizza. It was like 50 cents a slice! everything here is super cheap.

And to answer your question if there is anything i need, I definitely do. I don't know if you would be up to it but if you could get like two more of those shirts from Pomeroys that would be amazing. because the two that I have are the only ones i ever wear because I really don't like the other ones at all. So if you could do that just send them to the mission home or whatever. Another good idea would be pens. You did send some pens with me but i would kinda like some nicer ones. I'm gonna look for some while shopping but idk if they'll have any. But those are the only two things i could think of that I need. Idk if its too late to send them with Elder Riders mom, and if it is just send them to the mission home.

Oh and one request about the letters. Try to send handwritten ones!
they are so much more exciting to read (well actually i wouldn't know cause i haven't gotten any).

I'm definitely excited for that stomach medicine stuff because lets just say eating rice twice a day every day makes things interesting.

My Spanish is doing great. It seems like its slowing down and that one of the reasons I want to get to the field because I heard it gets better way faster out there. But I just wanted to share my testimony in spanish. Theres probably a couple errors in there but the more I share it the better it will get. Well that should keep you guys busy for a little bit trying to figure it out.
Yo se que este opportunidad que tengo ahora a servir el señor es el mejor opportunidad yo he tenido en toda mi vida. Yo se que si guardo los mandamientos y ser obidiente durante mi mision, mi padre celestial va a bendicirme. Estoy tan emocionado a ir al campo y poder a hablar con la gente de peru. Yo he tenido muchas experiencias espiritual ya aqui. Estoy haciendo amigos que tenerá para toda mi vida. Yo se que este iglesia es verdadero y quiero ayudar a las personas a tener el mismo luz que tenemos en nuestras vidas. You se que nosotros como un familia, hemos sido bendicido porque tenemos el evangelio en nuestras vidas. Yo se que sin el evangelio yo no podria tener el gran vida que tengo. Yo se que Jose Smith (joseph smith in spanish, dont ask me why) fue un profeta de dios, él tradujo las planchas del oro mediante el poder de dios. Y yo se que el libro de mormon es perfecto y lo tiene la plentitud del evangelio de Jesucristo. Yo se que Thomas S. Monson es un profeta de dios, y él recibe revelacion para nuestra dia. Y mas imporatante you se que si nostros tenemos fe en Jesucristo, y Nuestro Padre Celestial, ellos van a ayudarnos en nuestras vidas (Alma 44:4 is my favorite). Y digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

Okay so I used transloator to translate this :
I am happy to have this opportunity to serve my savior and it is the best opportunity I have had in all my life. I know that if I keep the commandments and am obedient during my mission, my Heavenly Father is going to bless me. So I am excited to go out into the field and teach and serve the people of Peru . I have had many spiritual experiences already here. I am making friends that will last for all my life. I know that this church is true and I want to help the people to have the same light that we have in our lives. I love my family and we have been blessed because we have the gospel in our lives. I know that without the gospel I would not to have the great life that I have. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that he translated the golden plates by the power of God. And I know that the Book of Mormon is perfect and it has the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and that he receives revelation for our day. And  most importantly that if we have faith in Jesus Christ, and Our Heavenly Father, they are going to help us in our lives (Alma 44:4 is my favorite).  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you guys so much, and try to have all you guys write me letters. Especially the boys and Karleigh, and Definitely PAPA! Maybe you can pass the word to my big sista's - they could drop me a line sometime.  Miss you guys all alot. well, hasta la proxima semana! (that means "until next week")

Con Amor (with love)

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