Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best Thanksgiving Ever !!!!

woooooo familllyyyyy!
awesome awesome awesome weekend! starting off with Thursday, thanksgiving was AMAZING!!!! we went to the temple with the zone.

 we went to the ccm and ate with president and sister cavanaugh. president cavanaugh totally reminds me of john haha it was way funny. they would totally get along. for lunch we had turkey, stuffing, and a bunch of other good stuff that i don't know the name of. after the lunch i got to go see hermano casanova and hermana caballero! they were my teachers my last three weeks in the ccm. they are soooooo awesome. i love them so much. they said my Spanish was way too good haha. ahhh it was such a cool experience. after that the cavanaughs took us to a grocery store! they hooked us up with soooo much food! it was ridiculous!

 but ya ready for the highlight of the day?! so ya we were in the grocery store and biliter suddenly says ¨No! FOOTBALL!, NO! THE PACKERS ARE PLAYING!!!!!!¨. I'm sure you guys could imagine how happy your son was. haha dont worry i didn't stay and watch the game but i totally took pics with my hero Aaron Rodgers. ok i admit i totally watched one play but pres cavanaugh totally said it was ok and he watched it with me.

ahhhhhh best best thanksgiving gift i could have had. I'm always gonna remember that day. No, really I loved the Turkey too !!!! Please tell everyone thank you for the awesome messages.

 i also realized i needed to get alot better with my journal so I've been super good recently.
 so ya Friday was the baptism of a girl named stephany, shes 12 and she has the strongest strongest testimony. her uncle baptized her and she was super happy. the font was super dirty before he service so i had to mop it! so fun! but the baptism turned out amazing! 

on to Saturday...
awesome again. there was a multi stake dance festival. when i say multi stake i mean 8 stakes. it was intense. President Ardila asked us to set up some stands outside. we made a really cool Book of Mormon stand and we got a TON of references! it was a super cool activity too. 

Sunday was AMAZING too !!!
 in sacrament meeting i got to confirm Stephany, it was an awesome experience i will never forget, when i said recieve the holy ghost i just got slammed with the spirit and the words just came flowing out, it was amazing.
after church we had the baptism for a boy named Jesus. biliter baptized him and there were like 40 members there. i got to confirm him right there and then too, and had the same feelings as before.
confirming someone is such an amazing privilage and im so thankful to be able to take part of it and be a tool in the lords hands.

after church we had 4 lunches with members, I almost exploded. 
But ya , awesome weekend! unforgetable, I love the mission! most amazing time of my life.

give my love to everyone. 
love, elder paolacci!

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