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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Amazzzzzzing Week

new baby in the family! I'm so excited! Delainie is such a cute baby, I cant wait to meet her! well I just got back from the office and Sister Baldwin just dropped off the package so I now have it. I can't wait to eat the cookies. I'm gonna use these new shoes as my shoes for important stuff when I have to look good and I'll try to treat them well so I can use them when I get home. ahhh so excited!

well this week was ammmmaaaazzzzzing
Lets see Monday we watched Toy Story 3 with the zone and played basketball. We needed a down day and it was fun and relieved alot of stress. 

Wednesday was probably the coolest day of my mission. We found out on Tuesday night that the ward wanted us to go to the temple with them to help with baptisms. So we instantly called president and he gave us permission.
That night we called our converts and 3 said they might be able to go, Stephany, Yuri (its pronounced Judy, she got baptized like 2 days before i got here), and Milagros! But none of them were sure. In the morning we called Yuri and she could to go, stephany got permission from her mom so she was super excited but Milagros still didn't know if she would be able to make it work. After we called, Elder Biliter and I kneeled and prayed that she could receive the help to be able to go. We called her again awhile later and she said she had just prayed and felt that she had to go no matter what. it was amazing to know that we were praying at the same time as her and that God truly answers our prayers when we need it most.
Well to say the least, the experience in the temple was amazing, its hard to even explain in words how I felt. We got to be witnesses for the baptisms and I cried seeing Milagros get in the water. I swear, she is the most spiritually powerful person I have ever met. Let me just be the first one to say that she's gonna marry an apostle one day. I'm so glad she got in contact with you mom and you are talking to her, she loves you.
When she got baptized I told her that Logan had the same bday as her but apparently it was alot cooler coming from you . She came running up at church with the hugest smile asking me if I knew they had the same bday, haha I just acted surprised. She's so awesome and keep talking to her! (The bad thing is now that she knows my name)

Saturday we had two baptisms! It was a mother and daughter that got baptized like 3 years ago but they never got confirmed and fell away and so we were so happy to help them back and have them get baptised and confirmed. it was an amazing baptism and I got to baptize the mom and Biliter baptized the daughter, such an awesome experience.

Hey, so did you guys see the First Presidency Christmas Devotional last night?! amazing huh, I'm downloading the videos right now! those are gonna help us sooo much, what an awesome resource.
So when President Monson was talking I had the strongest impression and truly feel like we should start and end with a prayer when we open presents on Christmas, something small, but it'll help alot to keep the spirit of gratitude and the focus as to why we really give gifts.
Sounds as though grandma is loving DC and doing really well. Tell everyone I love them and send all my best.
I hope that you have a great start to the Christmas season! Loving it here in Peru !
Elder Paolacci

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