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Monday, August 15, 2011

I Year Olds !

well hello there family!
sorry i didn't get to write last week, things were a little crazy with the zl counsel. haha after our planning Sunday night the assistants called us and said that we have to meet our bus in 15 minutes to go to Lima. apparently there weren't any other tickets, so we threw some stuff together and got on to where the bus leaves from. BUT the bus didn't even get there until 130 am. lol we were there waiting for like 3 1/2 hours in the freezing cold(but it wasn't all bad, me and my new comp had some good bonding time). and we didn't get to Lima until 6 am. it was super lame because i didn't sleep on the bus and we had to do divisions with the assistants that day. but ya the next day was the counsel (which was amazing) and after the counsel we played soccer in manchay with president (also amazing) . it was cool but it didn't give us any time to do email, so that's why i didn't write this last week.
But here i am! so ya lots of big news. elder choqque got transferred and my new comp is elder avalos, hes from chile, hes also only 7 days younger than me, pretty cool. Rider and Sheridan are now zone leaders!
it was so sick being able to see them and spend time with them like 2 days before the year mark. 
Elder Rider, Elder Paolacci, Elder Sheridan

ALSO elder capps is now in my zone! we did divisions for our year day haha it was so awesome to spend the day with him.

Well i would like to give my wonderful grandmother my congratulations! that is so dang cool Washington dc would be super cool! haha it seems like everyone is going to south America or the northeast. i love her so much and I'm so proud of her. make sure she knows.

Well we are having alot of success in our area. me and my comp are doing something cool, i went up as to ZL A so i suggested to him that hes in charge of our area and ill be in charge of the zone, and its working out great. makes it easier for the both of us.

we are finding alot of new people and we had a baptism saturday, his name is ivan, hes amazing, hes been listening to missionaries for a long time in lima, but never got baptized. but he got here and who knows maybe we were just the right guys for him.
well today we are gonna go play soccer in that feild we rented a couple weeks ago, its gonna be awesome. oh and im gonna rock my new USA world cup jersey, that just happens to have robbie findleys name on it, the guy that went to shadow.

so ya heres my letter to prez
Buenos dias presidente,
primero quiero disculparme por no poder escibirle la otra semana, no tuve tiempo despues consejo para poder hacerlo. pero bueno todo esta super bien en marcavalle, en verdad estamas trabajando super duro y encontrando bastantes personas que son muy buenas. este semana vamos a esforzarnos a mejorar nuestros contactos porque sabemos que vamos a poder a encontrar aun mas personas asi. gracias president por todo su apoyo y ayuda y su ejemplo Elder Paolacci

well sorry my letter is kind of short this week, i have to go do a baptismal interview right now. but just wanna let you guys know i love you all and i am so thankful to have a family like you.
Elder Paolacci
p.s. i got the package, THANKOO and im gonna put my 1 year pics on the cd and its going out this week.
p.s.s. tell uncle steve happy birthday 

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