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Monday, August 22, 2011

alo familia !!!

alo familia!
well it was quite a good week. started off with a great 2 hours of soccer (im getting quite good fyi). After pday in tarma I went to go send my cds BUT the serpost (post office) was closed! im pretty sure Peru doesn't want me to send the pics. but im gonna keep trying, I might go to tarma this week so there I should be able to send them.
Well that night we slept in tarma and the next day we had zone meeting. after that I did divisions in tarma until Thursday (I love tarma haha). when i got back to my area me and my comp tore it up. We found a family of three that is just amazing, there names are Ricardo, his wife Rosanna and their kid Adrian. They are so insanely prepared, they are getting baptized Sunday! Its definitely going to be an awesome day for me, it'll be my first family that ive baptized all in one day.
Im super excited. also I had my very first confirmation yesterday! it was amazing, a super spiritual experience, the spirit was so insanely strong and it was one of those moments when you knew without a doubt that you were just a tool in the Lords hands and the spirit was just speaking right through me (sorry I could think of how to describe that in English very well haha). but it was seriously one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. It just confirmed that I am doing the right thing and that Heavenly Father loves these people so much. So ya that topped off a great week for me.
well me and my comp are doing great in this area, seriously we are working insanely hard and we are finding SOOOOO many people its insane. The attendance in the branch has gone up like 20 in 2 weeks.
the branch president was super happy haha. but ya im definitely learning alot from my comp, he's a super good missionary and we are learning a ton from each other.
well I got a letter from Kelly this week, it was awesome to hear from him, in the package im sending there's a bunch of letters that I need you to send to people.
well here's my letter to president
Buenos Dias Presidente!
Bueno, ha sido una semana muy buena y un poquito malo. En nuestra area de Marcavalle estamos teniendo mucho exito, estamos encontrando bastantes personas y estamos super animados. Pero la zona tuvo muchos desafios esta semana. Hubieron various desconfirmaciones que no estabamos esperando. Pero yo y mi compaƱero hemos orado para saber que hacer y se que vamos a tener una semana de bastante exito en la zona este semana. Gracias por todo su ayuda presidente y vamos a seguir mejorando las familias capacitadas.
Elder Paolacci
well ya thats my email for the week
love you all!
Elder Paolacci

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