Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, August 29, 2011


well it has been a pretty darn good week. well lets see ill give you guys the summary, a little easier. monday we had a special baptismal interview and the first counselor of the mish came to our chapel to do it, so that killed like half our pday (but i was glad we had the interview), and after we played soccer for like 3 hours. fyi playing soccer that long in la oroya, bad idea haha. tuesday we had district meeting, my new dl is elder stevenson from utah, hes awesome. tuesday till thursday we had divisions with him and he stayed with me in my area. it was way fun, we had pb and j, my first in a year! so that was cool. um lets see thursday my comp came back and we were standing on the sidewalk where i picked him up and guess who was passing through la oroya..... President Ardila! it would have been awesome but we just happened to see him the only day in a while that i hadnt shaved in the morning, it was just dandy. i was trying my hardest to cover my face haha. but ya thursday thru saturday we worked like normal in our area.
Oh hahaha and we met the funniest drunk guy of my mish. supposedly this guy new us and i thought at first he was just confusing us with other missionaries, oh and he was super happy. but then he started saying thanks for the cookies we used to bring him and why we had stopped. then he said thanks for teaching him english and the he starts talking ¨"english". but not the english we know i guess, haha he just started rambling for like 2 minutes and i had no idea what he was saying, i was just laughing like crazy. but then the funny part is that he started calling me richard. he was like "oh richard remember the good old time?" hahah i was like "um of course!" then we hugged and he walked back to his friends. lol probably one of the funniest moments of my mission.
Haha so ya nothing else really happened till sunday when we baptized my first entire family in the mission. it was such a spiritual experience, its hard to explain really how i felt. i was just so happy to see them so happy.i had never seen anyone so excited. its not that my other converts werent excited but, wow this family is sooooo amazing. they came to church way more dressed up than any of the members, and they participated soooo much in the classes. you can tell by their countenance that they had been changed. that they felt the true love of christ. it was such an awesome day for us and i will never ever forget it. and the best part was that i got to baptize them all! oh and afterward that made us lunch, it was super good.
that is what i love most about my mission is watching how peoples hearts can change. we often meet people who are struggling in so many aspects of their lives. but then to see the amazing changes that take place when they embrace the gospel of jesus christ and know that they have a heavenly father who loves them and an older brother whom has sacrificed everything for their happiness. it is truly amazing to watch how the gospel transforms lives and bring so much peace and happiness to those that are willing to embrace it. i love it.
well thats insane to think that brad is a dad, but i know he will do great and i am excited for him. tell him and lexi congrats and i can't wait to see pictures
well ill try to answer your questions next week, im sorry i just spent alot of time uploading that one picture haha
well heres my letter to prezi
Buenos Dias Presidente!
Ha sido una semana muy buena,realmente he podido aumentar mi testimonio de este obra. Yo y mi compaƱero hemos estado trabajando bastante, y ahora estamos viendo personas super preparadas. Mis estudio de 1 nefi este mes ha sido maravilloso. Gracias por todo presidente!
Elder Paolacci
have a great week!
Elder Paolacci

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