Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Manchay . . . . This is HARD !!!!

oh wow what a week!

First off I'm just gonna say this is HARD! I figured it would be somewhat hard but I didn't really realize until I got into the field how hard this was going to be. Just like Brother Miller said, poorest living conditions and huge language barrier. You can't even imagine the living conditions.Well I'm serving right now in the beautiful town of Manchay! jk its not beautiful at all. probably the poorest, ugliest place I could ever imagine. The best description I could give of Manchay is Iraq with mountains. It's definitely the roughest place to start but I figured any place after this will be amazing so I just have to work through it. My first couple days were really rough and I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep doing this but it's gotten better. My comp is amazing. His name is Elder Diaz. hes from Chile and he's been out 9 months. He's been helping me alot . It's really rough here without anyone to speak English with.
OK, my time is short so I'll give you a brief recap of the week.
We left the CCM and went to the mission office for some training on Tuesday. After a couple hours of that we went to President Leyvas house for a lunch. The best food I have had on my mission. There we got to talk to them for a while. After that we had our interviews and then we found out where we were going. Pretty much everyone but me and Elder Capps got sent to bomb places. Elder Rider is in cerro de pasco, Elder Norris is in Setipo which is by la merced, and Elder Sheridan is in huancayo. they are all so lucky, haha but they'll get their turn.

So that night I went out and we had an "appointment". and everyday since then we've worked from 6:30 am to 10 at night. This week the other companionship in our district had a baptism, and we have one Friday! oh and Sunday I got to give a talk in church! It was quite nerve wracking, but I did it. it was around 10 minutes and I was sweating up a storm after. My pensionista is nice, shes a little crazy and the foods hard to get used to.

I am running out of time I have lots more to tell you . I'm gonna try to send some pics real quick. love ya guys so much!

pray for me please haha.

con amor,
elder paolacci

Okay so I have done a bit of quick research on Manchay - It is true - he did start out in the hardest area physically . . .

Another missionary described it " The people of Manchay are very poor; they have no running water and most don't have electricity. They live in "houses" with plywood type walls, dirt floors, and tin roofs. Scores of dogs roam freely through the streets of dirt, and many children do the same. The air is thick with dust and foul smells"

Dylan ran out of time and couldnt send any pictures, but I found this picture of another missionary couple that served in Manchay. 

I also found this video of some service missionaries teaching about hygiene to people of Manchay (there are the dogs - so glad we sent a Dog Dazzer)


  1. Kristan, I can't believe they are already in their first areas! Manchay looks challenging but from what little I know about Dylan he will be fine. Mitchell was already wondering about his buddies and where they were sent. Hopefully they will meet up again! I told Mitch I would keep him updated on Elder Paolacci and Rider from their blogs.
    Wasn't it the greatest to finally hear from them? That was a long week!

  2. Paula - I am going to copy and send Dylan the letters and pictures from "their gang" every week. I will snag the pics off Mitch's blog. He will be happy to hear about them. I think those boys are friends for life. Like I said I think they were preordained to go exactly where they are. Dylan will make it through. I am so happy that the RM from our ward had that talk with him before he left. I was crying then but I am so grateful now, becuase he prepared him for the worst. So like Dylan said his living cnditions will only get better from here on out. He will truly begin to rely on his Heavenly Father and he will fall in love with the people there and help them to better their lives. That was a really long week.



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