Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last week at the PERU CCM !!!!

Heyo Familia,

Haha im glad you guys tried to translate my testimony, it was probably terrible spanish but i tried. but when love things so much you want to share. and two things i am anxious to share is my love for my savior and my love for the spanish language. when you are here you feel the spirit so strong you love to share.

first off we did get to watch general conference. AND IN ENGLISH! Haha i love spanish but general conference wouldnt be the same as in english. It was amazing! My favorites were Anderson´s and Uchtdorf´s talks. They were sooo good.

Packard looks like hes in pretty bad shape so hopefully he´ll make it to next session. Priesthood session was definitely the best. It was cool because the mtc choir sang and i would have died to be in it because they sounded so good. Ahhh we were all so jealous. the whole time i was just thinking about dad and coleton watching it. it was way cool

And i am so proud of Kelly! holy cow! 3:41! thats so good! i wish i could have been there, but just to watch because we all know i wouldnt run it. Tell him im way happy for him and that hes the man! Oh and congratulations karleigh! I wasnt ever cool enough to get that kind of stuff

So from what i can gather its monsoon season there. I already miss rain! Apparently it hasnt rained here for 30 something years which seem really weird to me. Alot of houses dont have roofs just because they dont need them.

Haha i am ssooooooo excited to get into the field! i know the first month is going to be really hard but id rather be learning out there in the field. We leave tuesday morning around 6 am and the mission home is like 15 minutes away so we might just be hopping right into our missions. Im really nervous but im also super anxious. it may not seem like it to you guys but it feel like ive been gone for 6 months already. so i think the time will go by faster out in the field and i want to be able to savor every minute.

Oh so on sunday they had elections here as i think you discovered and lima got a new president. Haha and apparently shes gonna legalize marijuana and gay marriage so the difficulty of the mission just rose a little.

Oh so i guess i talked in my sleep in spanish two nights ago which is pretty cool! Now only if i could do it while im awake.

Well i dont have much more time so ill talk to ya guys later. thanks for chatting with me mom. next email will be from the field! Wooooooo! Love you guys!

Elder Paolacci

***Notes from our chat***

** it's our last pday together and yes we are definitely enjoying it. these guys are the best we are all super tight
**alrighty! thanks alot! im so excited for the pillow. Oh and i forgot to mention in my email that this place is a small world. So there is an elder from snowflake who was really good friends with meagan hoopes best friend lexie. His name is elder denhalter. And there is an elder from thatcher that knows brody so that was cool too.

**im gonna send the memory card i have now home with elder riders parents or in the pouch if i can. i have some videos of the ccm and stuff.

**where you able to get those shirts from pomeroys and some good pens to send
(my answer was yes. advice to any soon to be missionary moms - they love the CTR sport fit white shirts at Pomeroys in Mesa and he said good black pens are really hard to find there)

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