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Monday, June 11, 2012


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Heyyyy fammmmm
Ay yay yay what a week. We are working super hard, trying to get our baptisms ready for these next couple of weeks. We fasted and prayed and decided last night that it would be better for us not to go to that little town of Chacrampa. We realized that even though there are a ton of people that wanna listen, it is impossible for them to go to church. The bishop is gonna try and find a way to start a little branch there to see how it goes, but it seems as tho this month we are gonna just stay here in Jauja to help the people we have here in a better way. It also made the decision alot easier when we had a ton of success here in Jauja this week. We found a family whose lifelong bestfriends are members in another stake and they are super excited to get baptized. They are super awesome and I am excited to help them out. We also had a super cool experience this week. I wrote it to president in Spanish and I don’t have time to write it again, but im sure someone will help you out as far as translating it goes.
Buenos días presidente!
Ha sido una semana excelente, estamos teniendo bastante éxito aquí en Jauja. Hemos encontrado una familia que esta bien animada y quieren bautizarse. También mi testimonio en cuanto de los susurros del espíritu y como escucharlos ha aumentado bastante. El domingo anterior llegamos a la capilla y el obispo nos dijo que una hermana vino buscando como podía bautizarse. Por su puesto fue un momento de gran gozo pero cuando le preguntamos sus datos nos dijo “ohhh eso me faltó” jaja. Bueno después de la capilla salimos a buscarla pero no tuvimos éxito. Le buscamos toda la semana pero nada. Y bueno ayer (domingo) en la mañana estábamos super ocupados recogiendo investigadores donde sentí preguntar una señorita en una tienda si conocía la hermana (solo sabíamos que su nombre era Isabel).Y la verdad es que toda la semana sentía preguntar allí pero yo siempre rechazaba el sentimiento al toque. Pero fuimos y le preguntamos y bueno, nos dijo que tal vez era su prima. Nos dijo donde trabaja y pasamos en la tarde. La hermana supuestamente fue informada por su prima que íbamos a buscarle porque cuando llegamos ella estaba super animada y nos dijo que estaba esperando. Ella de verdad está muy preparada y es una escogida. Nos contó que su papa en lima se bautizo hace seis meses después de ser alcohólico por 25 años y ha cambiado completamente. Ella ya tiene un gran testimonio y ahora tiene fecha para esta 30. De verdad hay personas preparadas y necesitamos buscarlas. El espíritu nos va a guiar, ya tengo un testimonio muy fuerte de eso. Solo necesitamos saber como seguir sus susurros, y si lo aprendemos se que todos encontrarán los que están preparados por las manos del señor.
( Translated )
Good Morning President!:
It has been an excellent week, we are having a lot of success here in Jauja.
We have found a family who is very motivated and wishes to get baptized.
Also my testimony regarding the whispers of the spirit and how to hear them has increased a lot. On the previous Sunday ( hes talking about Sunday the 3rd) we got to church and the bishop told us that a sister came seeking of how she could get baptized. Of course that was a moment of great joy, but when we asked him for her info he said "oh I missed that" haha. Well after church we went to look for her but didn't have any success. We looked for her all week but nothing. And well yesterday (Sunday) in the morning we were really busy picking up investigators where I felt I needed to ask a miss in the store if she knew the sister ( the only thing we knew was that her name was Isabel). And the truth is that I felt all week that I should ask there but I always rejected the feeling right away. But we went and asked and well, she said that it maybe they were cousins. She told us where she worked and we went by in the afternoon. The sister was supposedly informed by her cousin that we were going to look for her because when we got there she was really excited and said she was waiting for us. She is truly very ready and she was chosen. She told us that her dad in Lima was baptized six months ago after being an alcoholic for 25 years and has changed completely. She has a great testimony and has a date for this 30th. There truly are people who are prepared and we need to look for them. The spirit will guide us, I already have a very strong testimony about it. We only need to know how to follow the spirit's whispers, and that way we will learn I know that everybody will find that which was prepared by the Lord's hands.
(I am sure that promptings would be what he means instead of whispers, but just translated it exactly)
What an amazing experience. Helped me out alot.
Well I gotta go! Love yall! Have great week!
Elder Paolacci

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