Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Transfered, Zone Vitarte

Here is Dylan's letter from last week (9-19-11)  SInce I was gone I did not get it posted.

got chizanged! i am now in the zone vitarte, area vitarte. BUT crazy twist..ready? im with a gringo! my comp is elder biliter. haha hes awesome. we have sooooooooo much in common, its scary lol. we love the same music, like all the same music its crazy. its gonna be an awesome change.
well in my zone there are a few old buddies, haha elder vizcarra is in my zone, hes training as a DL, and well surprise! hna matheison is in my zone. but ya its a great zone, got alot of good missionaries, just gotta work a little with em. my area is AWESOME! i love it. where we live is a pretty nice part of town, well compared to where ive been, but we also got some manchay action going on on the other side of our area. i love it.
Like my second day here, so thursday, we were riding a bus and we were almost at our stop and this young girl asked if we were the elders, and then she started sayingh the missionaries taught her before in another part of peru but she never got baptized or anything. we took out another appointment for another day and we were way pumped, she had an amazing spirit about her. and well, when we went and taught her i seriously had one of the most memorable lessons of my mission. she is gonna be the strongest convert of my mission, i am sure of it. im way excited.
we also had a baptism friday! haha not really my convert but i already loved the kid. the baptism was kinda tricky because when we showed up someone had emptied the font and well...the water dosent fill up as fast here as in the states. so what we did was turn on the faucet to the font and left it running, and we also got a mop bucket and filled it up in the janitors closet and poured it in the font, about 50 times! haha it was crazy, but it worked and we had an awesome baptism.

haha oh goodness, had a pretty funny little incidence with a drunk guy thursday night. we were about to go to the room and some drunk guy called us over, he started saying he really respected us for walking so much and being diligent. he also said that he was a doctor and would operate on the people we were teaching for free (that was kinda sketchy), but the funny part is that he insisted on buying us soda, we were saying nah its all good but he kept insisting, even to the point that he was getting mad at us. so we were like ya fine then and he ended up buying a liter of soda for each of us and like 10 packets of ritz crackers. after everything it was like 10 buck worth, which is alot here haha. it was way funny. we walked into our room saying, what just happened? haha well my pension here is AMAZING! im way excited for her to be my pension, shes way loving and will do anything we need. shes also amazing at making pancakes which is like a ten point bonus. shes got 3 kids, a kid who returned from the mission a year ago, a 10 year old girl, and a 6 year old boy. i love them.
well im glad you got the cd and letters, if you could just send the letters for me i would love you, i also have more here, it was just gonna cost alot more if the package weighed any more. hope you like the pics well have a great time visitng those places, im way jealous. tell grandma im super proud of her and shes doing the right thing.
love you guys so much! keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers and just lovin each other. those are the things that will keep our family strong. i am so grateful for this gospel and for all the many blessings it has brought to my life and the blessings i see that it brings to the lives of others. i love my family. you are awesome.
Elder Paolacci
oh and theres a pic of my eccos, they are falling apart on the bottom, i dont know where you bought them but maybe you could take the photo there and maybe they have a warranty. i heard alot of places have warranties on them.

ps . . . hey can anyone send me a sports report. just something about the dbacks, packers and ASU - I would totally appreciate it.
pss ...oh and hey mom idk if you already sent my package but if not i would love a football! me and my comp wanna play catch for excercise in the morning.
psss. . . . oh and haha hope you like this pic. this orange vest is our zone gift we made, its awesome

hey momma gott go, but i love you and a new goal i made is write better emails to you guys. sorry ive been kinda slacking. love you guys! tell karleigh coleton logan dad marissa morgan the dahls all of our cousins, aunts, uncles, the priests - eh just everyone, i say hi and i love them!

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