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His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, September 26, 2011

well hows everything going? this week went by sooooo fast. it seriously feels like i was writing you guys yesterday. BUT did have quite a packed week, i guess thats why it went so fast.
wellll lets seeeee. monday was pday, we just chilled in the room, talked and took a nap. Tuesday was interviews with president, so we were in the chapel from 8am to 3pm and we didnt even get to have our interviews. it was also a super stressful day, cause well, some of the missionaries in my zone are a handful. haha so stressful i popped out some gray hairs! i flipped out when i saw them, my comp plucked them out, there were like 3 or 4. uh oh! haha wednesday we had our multi zone conference with all the zones in lima, so i saw rider and norris!
and guess where norris is! MANCHAY! hes in the same area i was in, and his pension is hna blanca. im super jealous. she is the best. but ya the conference was awesome to say the least, learned alot AND we had lasagna. Um thursday we had splits with the assistants, it was quite interesting. i stayed in the office and worked and biliter went to our area. so ya thursday morning i went with one assistant and president to do interviews in another zone....CAMPOY! so i was chillin with rider for like 6 hours, being a zl in lima also has its advantages haha. hmm so friday was normal day of work, and in the night we had a woop woop BAPTISM! two little girls whose parents are already members got baptized, it was pretty easy but it was way cool, the little girls are way cute as you can see in the pics. 

saturday, normal missionary work. sunday we had church and we had to give talks. i probably gave my favorite talk of my mission. i talked about how alot of the time we do damage to our spirits without noticing, how we slowly allow stuff to creap in and damage our spirit, somtimes without even knowing. i shared my story about when i crashed on my bike really bad and everyone was laughing, it was a way cool, maybe ill send it to you guys in a letter. it was an awesome talk. sunday night we had a meeting with all the members and president, the missionaries sang called to serve with pres. and hna ardila, it was way spiritual. I am loving being in lima and having the opportunity to teach and spend time with president. it was an incredible evening and i am so happy i got to be a part of it. so ya that was my week! today i think we are going to some zoo, not sure yet. haha

um so ya in our area we are having alot of success. me and my comp are getting along really well. hes awesome, we are already best friends. having alot of fun. OH another crazy thing happened the other night! so here in peru theres two huge soccer rivals like yankees - red sox deal. and things get kinda crazy when these games come around. and well the other night we were walking down the main street here and two kids started fighting, and stopped us right in our tracks (fyi we cant split up fights in our mish - it can get way too dangerous). and well, things got outta hand. like 6 more guys jumped in and it turned into a full on brawl.
one guy even had drumsticks beating on people. it was crazy, we wanted to help break it up but its super dangerous so we just had to watch, until we could get by.
alot of guys got hurt but we walked away before the police came or anything. it was crazy and we felt really bad for those kids. we started talking about how thankful we were for having the gospel in our life and not being part of that kind of stuff. it is a crazy world out there.
um so here i got some pre pday pics
but i gotta go! and elder vizcarra says hi! send me the sports update and dont worry im working like crazy! loving my mission and the people i am serving. no denying this is the best 2 years ever. keep being awesome my awesome family.
love Elder Paolacci

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