Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Transferred to La Oroya , Peru

I got transfered :(. I am now in a place called La Oroya. Its  
REEAAAAALLLY cold. its really close to cerro de pasco so
im sure you could just imagine. My comp is Elder Choqque,
its pretty cool because hes elder capps dad. Hes really cool 
and im 100 percent sure that we are gonna love it together.
Oh ya, the other news is that im now a zone leader! 
Ahhhhh its crazy. i was sosurprised when they told me. 
and i was kinda sad to leave elder parada and all the 
members in huanuco. im pretty sure thats gonna be my
strongest ward in the mission. 
BUT the Lord has called me to serve here in la oroya and i know its gonna be amazing. 
My zone is called Zone Tarma, the areas that are part of the zone are junin, 
la oroya, and tarma. look them up. they are pretty crazy.
here be my letter to prez
Hola Presidente! Pues ahora cosas son muy diferentes. 
Recibiendo el cambio diciendo que ahora soy un líder 
de zona fue un sorpresa que nunca estaba esperando. 
Pero se que es lo que el señor quiere. Se que voy a 
aprender bastante en mi tiempo como líder de zona, 
y agradezco al señor por este oportunidad. Se que aun 
me falta un poquito para aprender, pero elder choqque 
es excelente y me a ayudar bastante. Nuestro area de 
Marcavalle es un lugar escogido y vamos a tener éxito. 
Tambien me voy a esforzar mi mejor para ser un 
ejemplo a este zona y se que vamos a lograr mucho. 
Translation - 
Hello President. Well things are very different. Receiving the change that I am zone leader was a surprise that I would have never expected. But I know that, that is what the Lord wants. I know that I will learn a lot as a zone leader, and I thank the Lord for this opportunity. I know that I still have a lot to learn, but elder Choque is excellent and he helps me a lot. Our area of Marcavalle is a chosen place and we will be successful. I will also do my best to be an explample in this zone and I know that much will be achieved by us.
well now that im in one of the coldest areas in the mission i have a 
couple things to ask. If you could go to alpine and ask alan or liette 
if they have any thermals for cheap that you could buy and send to me. 
just tell them that its insanely cold here. 
haha so ya that pic of dad in the spiderman suit is hilarious! oh my 
goodness, definitely gonna print that one off 
well im glad to hear the chaufa turned out good. youre gonna have 
to practice for when i get home! and that would be amazing to eat 
cookies for my birthday! but if its a hassle dont worry about it 
well this week he found some really good investigators. one is a 
girl named ingrid. shes 11 years old and her parents are inactive. 
BUT we are activating the family and ingrid is getting baptized the 28th. 
we have also found a kid named denzel. hes 13 and he would get 
baptized but hes scared of water. its been kinda hard because he 
wants to do it but he just cant. i explained to him coletons story 
about rainstorms and that he can overcome his fear. it was a really 
cool moment for me because after i explained the story to him he 
accepted our help to overcome his fear. i know he's gonna get 
baptized before i leave this area. 
well guys i just want to ask you to keep praying for me. 
i love you all so much. you are awesome!  
Keep reading the Book of Mormon 
it is amazing and if you allow it to change your life it will !!! 
write me! 
Elder Paolacci 
ps tell coleton he cant go to the dances next month. he cant be 14 yet!

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