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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hollllaaaa !!!!

well everything is just swell here in la oroya! Hearing about the thermals was the best news of the day! its really cold here, haha but I'm getting used to it. Oh but ya you can tell alpine that i am definitely gonna go back to work there when i get home. I actually really miss that place and all my friends there, but its all good because I'm going back. only 15 months.

well the work here in la oroya (my area is called marcavalle) is great. theres alot of work here to do because there hasn't been missionaries here for like 8 months. but we are having alot of success. we have alot of people that we are pretty sure that are gonna get baptized. also we found a family that was really in need of our help. a month ago their son died, and they have been having alot of struggles with it. but we taught them about the plan of salvation and the promise that families really are forever and they have felt the spirit testify the truthfulness of this and they feel at peace with the fact that they'll get to see him soon. I have had alot of spiritual experiences these past couple weeks here in Marcavalle and I am excited to keep working here.

here's my letter to president
Buenos dias Presidente! Este ha sido un gran semana. Hemos encontrado bastantes personas que se que se pueden bautizar. Yo y elder choqque estamos aprendiendo mucho en como podemos ayudar este area. La rama de marcavalle necesita mucho ayuda con liderazgo y cosas asi pero estamos muy animados para poder a ayudarles. Los miembros aca son excelentes y nos apoyan mucho. Estamos feliz aqui en marcavalle porque sabemos que hay mucho que hacer y mucho que vamos a lograr. Estoy aprendiendo poco a poco como ser lider de zona, y cada dia veo que necesitaba este llamamiento y que es lo que dios quiere para mi. Gracias por todo su ayuda presidente.
Elder Paolacci

Google Translation -
Good morning President! This has been a great week. We found quite a few people who want to be baptized. Elder Choqque and I are learning a lot on how we can help this area. Marcavalle, as a whole area needs much help with leadership and stuff and we are very excited to be able to help. The members here are excellent and very supportive. We are happy here in Marcavalle because we know that there is much to do and much that we will achieve. I'm slowly learning how to be the Zone Leader, and every day I know that I need this calling and that the Lord has called me to this work. Thanks for all your help President.
Elder Paolacci

I got your letter in the mail - thank you. Also i would have gotten that package you sent a couple weeks ago with Vanessa last pday but they sent it to Huanuco haha whoops. so ya its coming Saturday. But they are saying i have to pay for a package that came recently. i think it was from grandma. im fine with paying for it, i was just wondering why because I've never had to pay for one. idk maybe she sent it a different way.

haha i cant believe the kids are getting done with school already!
karleigh is gonna be a senior, coleton is gonna be in high school, and logan in middle school?! crazy. we are all growing up huh. I'm seriously flipping about turning 20. i don't believe it at all, I'm just gonna skip my birthday. you can do that right?

so ya i found maggie a husband here in Peru! haha our pension has a dog who is way awesome! his name is sultan. haha he is so cool, he goes with us to almost all of our appointments and when there are dogs that wanna mess with us he messes them up. haha its pretty awesome, hes like our little bodyguard, and our new best friend. I'll take a picture of him for Maggie. but ya a funny story happened with him this week.
he was sitting with outside when we were teaching a family and he started to chase their chickens (people just have their chickens chillin in there front yards here). it was pretty funny and we let him play with the chickens. when we finished the lesson we stood up and had no idea where he was, but we thought surely he just went back home. so we were walking down some stairs to where the pension lives and we see sultan on their roof eating something. as we got closer we saw feathers, and wouldn't you know, he caught one of their chickens and took it home. haha we thought it was funny. but now we have to buy them a new chicken. :(

so ya being a zone leader has its ups and its downs. first off the downs, Zone Leaders are responsible for everyone in the zone, so if someone screws up or isnt having success we have to take part responsibility for it , also we don't get much sleep because we are always calling people. But the ups are that we get to travel alot. last week we went to Tarma 3 times and tomorrow I'm going for their district meeting. also may 31st to June 1st we are gonna be in La Merced for a multi zone conference. so I'll finally get to see sheridan there! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. Being a Zone Leader is a huge responsibility, but I can totally feel the Lords hand in my life. Like I said I have had so many amazing spiritual experiences since I have been here. It is awesome and it is what the Lord has called me to do so I will do it the best I can.

well folks that's all for this week! hopefully i get the packages this week!
love you guys! Keep praying - keep reading - keep being awesome !!!!
Elder Paolacci

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