Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

2nd Week in Provo MTC

Well my email isn't working today so I guess handwritten letters is how it is gonna be this week.

I got my travel plans for Peru. We leave for the airport at 3am Wednesday (Sept 1) morning and we get to Peru around 9 pm Wednesday night. We have two stops in Dallas (9:45am) and Miami (2:45pm) It is gonna be a LONG day.

Totally bummed I will not be able to see Matt - so crazy that I leave the MTC on the same day he enters.

Oh, so I saw Chris !!! I first saw him as he walked into the cafeteria and I almost flipped !!! I am sooooo happy he is here. It is so cool to have friends here - the other cool thing is that his room is right down the hall. One of my roommates, Elder Rider (the BYU soccer player) is like a celebrity here. Everyone knows him - it is crazy !!!! The other thing about Elder Rider, besides soccer, he skis and apparently he is really, really good - so I might not look really, really good next to him. All of my roommates are really awesome and I can definitely tell we will all be lifelong friends. We all just get along sooooo well. It's so awesome !!!!

My Spanish is still going really well, I have already past the point I was in high school. I can almost carry on a full conversation in Spanish. It is insane how fast you learn here, and I know it is because I have been totally dedicated and praying really hard to have the spirit with me at all times. The MTC is one amazing experience after another. It is crazy hard, but the benefits are amazing.

I just got your package delivered - ha, ha, thanks for the ties - everyone here is into UGLY ties, it is really kinda funny. Oh and thanks for all the candy - it is awesome too !!! The electric razor works goods - just saves me from having to really shave with a regular razor everyday !!!!

Well last night we had an amazing devotional. This was the first time all the missionaries were together since I have been in the MTC. For the opening song ALL the missionaries sang "Called To Serve" - it was powerful and amazing.  You will never guess who the speaker was  ??? Jeffrey R. Holland !!! It was AWESOME !!! We got front row seats. He is such an amazing speaker. He spoke of how we have signed on to serve a mission and we need to be sure we are doing it the Lord's way. This is God's Church and we are teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This isn't a fast food joint and you can't always have it "your way". For the next 2 years we have promised to do it the Lord's way. He spoke for an hour and a half. It was definitely the best, most intense talk I have ever heard in my entire life. Definitely touched me and made a profound impact on my life.

I loved the card of Tobias - still a little disappointed I won't see him as a puppy, but oh well.

I am doing really well so far as to no getting homesick. Tho I do miss you guys - I am just keeping myself busy and focused on the work. I love you all so much and even though I miss you I know I am in the right place and I am doing the right thing by serving a mission and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Love, Elder Dylan Paolacci

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  1. Oh no, I hope it wasn't too stressful on you not getting the e mail when you were expecting it! I cant believe they are already heading to Peru. I think our boys might be on the same flight, they will be so excited they won't even mind getting up at 3:00a.m!



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