Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Paradise Valley Stake Center 3601 East Shea Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85028 Everyone is invited to attend

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011

long time no talk haha. i seriously feel like i emailed 2 hours ago haha. the time is seriously going soooo fast its insane. i still don't accept the fact that coy is gonna be home in less than a month. when he gets home that means ill only have 9 months left! crazy huh. got a letter from Kelly last week, i cant believe he's already past 6 months, we are all just growing up huh, i don't like it haha. im so pumped for Shane, i was way excited this morning when i remembered i would be finding out his call. i started getting a feeling about Boston, but new jersey isn't too far off. he's gonna do awesome there, and im pumped he's gonna speak Spanish, Spanish is the BEST!
this weekend was good, super fast haha. Thursday after email we went to McDonalds to get lunch! it was so awesome, even tho i hate McDonalds back at home i thoroughly enjoyed this trip to the golden arches. the McDonalds was right across the street from the university of lima, and i just got the strongest impression that i need to come back and study here for a semester, i think it would be awesome. who knows, well see what happens. after lunch we went to the national museam, which was sweeet.
its huge and had a bunch of sick Peruvian stuff. the only bad part is that i started feeling really sick there and i was pretty dang sick until today, but im feeling alot better so everything is dandy. haha so ya story of the week has been that we are without pension (food) so we are having to eat off the street. the pensionista went to huancayo for a week. but we are fine, my stomach has been Peruvian for like 10 months now, im invincible! sunday was awesome again! cristina showed up with a friend and he loved it. carolina came and was super happy, idk if i told you but she is pregnant and 14 years old and the ward didn't know whether to put her in young women's or relief society.
The bishop prayed and fasted and she is now going to relief society with her grandma so she can know how to be the best mom to her baby, she seemed way happy to be there so i have no problem with it. now comes milagros haha, so the young single adults have officially stolen her from us.
she is so dang happy in the church it is insane. after the 3 hours she didn't want to go home. sunday afternoon we had lunch with a lady that got baptized right before i got there. she's the nicest lady ever and she cooked AMAZING, after that we watched the Joseph smith movie with her.
after that we went to have a family home evening with milagros and her family. we walked up to her house and she was crying outside. her dad had come home from work and he was drinking and she was devastated because she had been planning on it all week. so we ended up having a prayer outside and we took her, her sister and her mom to a members house and had a small family home evening. she was so happy after and had the biggest smile ever. im so glad i have been able to help people like her here in peru and i wouldn't give it up for anything. me and biliter were talking about the relationships that we get with these people and how close we get with them in so little time. it marvelous and im so insanely grateful to be here in peru. i seriously love this place and its gonna be so hard to leave, good thing i still have 10 months left haha.
Letter to President Ardila -
Que tal, ha sido una semana muy edificante y aprendi mucho. estoy estudiando bastante en el libro de 2 nefi y estoy aprendiendo muchos relatos que he podido aplicar a las vidas de mis investigadores, especialment la historia sobre nefi cuando el se aparto de sus hermanos con las personas obedientes por las iniquidades de sus hermanos. aprendi como podemos salir de la tentacion y recibir las bendiciones que necesitamos, y se ahora como puedo ayudar a mis investigadores y conversos seguir adelante en rectitud, jaja el libro de mormon es lo maximo. tambien presidente una pregunta, estamos ense├▒ando a una hermana, su hija recien se bautiz├│. ella es super buena y quiere seguir el evengelio pero cuando le prometemos bendiciones le hablamos de la vida eterna y ella dice que no quiere la vida eterna. dice que este vida ha sido tan dificil que no quiere mas despues de esta vida. le explicamos que la vida eterna es en la presencia de dios con nuestras familias, y le gusta ese parte pero no quiere vivir para siempre. se que es falta de entender la vida eterna pero la unica cosa que le pudimos decir era orar. se que ese van a ayudar, pero tal sabe usted algo mas que puedo hacer para ayudar.
gracias presidente por su amor y ayuda
Google translation
That such has been very uplifting one week and learned a lot. I'm studying a lot in the book of 2 Nephi and I'm learning many stories that I could apply to the lives of my researchers,the story of Nephi especialment when he turns from his brothers to the people obedient tothe iniquities of their brothers. learning as we go out of temptation and receive the blessings we need, and now as I can help my investigators and converts continue in righteousness, haha ​​the Book of Mormon is the maximum. also president a question, we are teaching a sister, her daughter was baptized recently. she is super good and wants to keep the promise evengelio blessings but when we speak of eternal life and she says shedoes not want eternal life. says that this life has been so hard not to want more after this life. we explained that eternal life is in God's presence with our families, and I like that part but do not want to live forever. I know it's lack of understanding of eternal life but the onlything he could say was pray. is that this will help, but maybe you know something else I can do to help.
President thanks for your love and support

bye mom! love ya all and have a great week! keep praying for me and study the BOM. it will bless your life beyond measure. i love this gospel.
elder paolacci

Elder Biliter and I took our zone to the museum for
 last weeks p day.
Take a look at some of the cool art.

they had the cool exhibit on terrorism here in Peru over the last 20 years. It was really so sad. 

Doesn't that one look like a baptism font?

One time I was actually excited about McDonalds !!! 


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