Elder Dylan Paolacci will complete his missionary service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

His homecoming will be Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Monday, July 25, 2011

I Love This Work

i would like to formally start out my weekly address congratulating my wonderful mother on her new position at PHOENIX CHILDRENS! im so proud of you momma. i remember the various times that you have taken me there after stupid teenager incidents, for example when i got staples in my head! haha or my various trips to get my knee checked out. youre gonna be the best nurse ever! working in the hospital will probably make nursing school so much easier in some ways.

well next on my list is congratulating my awesome little bro logan on going to the regional az state tourney for all stars. thats sucha huge acheivment bud and you are an amazing baseball player, maybe even better than me (but we will have to see about that when i get back). it seems like next year you guys are gonna make it again, and maybe youll make it even farther! love ya bud

bro coleton, dont be nervous about seminary, its awesome! for real youre gonna make so many friends there and youre gonna learn a load of stuff about the gospel (name that movie!). for real dude its awesome, and plus if i find out that you dont go everyday ill kill you. and plus you can ride with your amazing senior sista kar kar everyday huh!

i am excited at the possibilty of skyping on christmas. i will get to see malorie and the new baby. that will be awesome. how is morgan feeling ? tell trent thanks for keeping an eye on my little bro's and being a good example to them.

mom too bad you missed being in chicago with marissa and christopher. that would have been sweet if your trip over lapped when they were going to be there. from what i hear it is a sweet place to live.

how is work dad ? been on any fun campouts lately ?

that's awesome that so many missionaries are taking off from our stake.
its seriously the best decision you can make in your life.

well things aren't much different yet under pres. ardila. he's trying to keep things as they are until he sees the need to change stuff. for example, PLE is one of the only missions in the world that doesn't have cell phones, not sure if you knew that, but it looks like the zone leaders are gonna get some pretty soon. SCORE!

umm this Friday ollanta humala enters as the new president of Peru!
kinda nerve-wracking, the talk on sending us out died down so that's good. but we will just have to wait and see! the 28th of July here is like our 4th of July apparently.

well ill give you guys the low down of our week and investigators.
first off this Saturday a girl named Diana is getting baptized, she's awesome! she loves going to primary and is really excited about her baptism. haha funny story, on Tuesday she said she wasn't sure about her baptism and we asked her why. lol she said that her neighbor told her that after her baptism she wouldn't be able to listen to her music or hang out with friends, she almost cried when she told us. it was so cute. of course we cleared up her doubts and now she's as excited as ever.
also this Saturday a girl named Katy (cat-E) is probably getting baptized. we aren't sure yet because her dad is out of town and she needs his permission. haha the other day we were practicing with her about what she was gonna say to her parents. it was really funny, she's so shy so we are trying to get her out of her shell. she's like 16. so ill let you know what happens there.

and last but not least the milagro of the week. well yesterday we were on the soccer court(if that makes sense) between the 2nd and 3rd hours of church and a member called us over. she was talking to a family and said hey elders this family wants to get baptized. haha we were like yaaaa I guess we could help with that. they are awesome, future bishop and missionary in the fam. they are gonna get baptized next month. the hard part is gonna be that the parents aren't married, but they are 100% percent willing to get married. so we will se how that goes. im super excited for them.

well here be my letter to president
Buenos Dias presidente!
Todo esta muy been aqua en Marksville. stamps trabajando mucho con los miembros y capacitandoles. los frutos ya estan mostrandose. muchos miembros han estado invitando sus amigos, y en una manera muy eficaz.
hemos estado pensando en hacer un noche misional donde hacemos practicas con todos pero en una manera divertido para que todos tengan la conianze de que realmente puedan hacerlo, y tambien para darles animos. tenemos muchos investigadores muy buenos y posiblemente 2 se van a bautizar este sabado. tambien hemos encontrado una familia que quiere bautizarse, solo falta matrimonio, pero estan dispuestos para hacer todo lo necesario. la zona tarma esta trabajando muy bien y todas las areas estan encontrando personas. muchas gracias por todo presidente Elder Paolacci
good morning President!

All is well here in Marcavalle. We are working hard with members and trainers. the fruits are already showing. many members have been inviting their friends, and this has been very effective.

We have been thinking about doing a night mission where we do activities with everyone. It is a fun way for everyone to have to come together, and also to encourage them to invite friends. We have many  good investigators and possibly 2 will be baptized this Saturday. We also found a family that wants to be baptized, just need marriage, but they are willing to do whatever it takes. The tarma area is working very well and all areas are finding people.

Thank you very much for every thing president
Elder Paolacci

Thanks to everyone for their constant love and support. I have the picture cds made, I just want to write a couple more letters before I send them. and theres a little problem, no mail system here in la oroya. but don't you fret I will get them there as soon as I can. I will probably send a package when I go to Lima for Zone Leader Counsel next week. so no worries it is on it's way soon.

well I love all of you guys so much! and miss you all, im coming up on a year, crazy huh. its going by so fast, but im loving it more than I thought possible. I love being able to help people realize that this is the true church. the look on their faces when they tell us that they received a divine answer is something I will cherish my whole life. I love this work and I know without a doubt that this church is true and it is the way to true happiness.

love - Elder Paolacci

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